20 Ideas for your December Bullet Journal

This post was most recently updated on December 15th, 2020All months are special but you surely need some unique December bullet journal ideas to make the holiday memories stand out! Plan it with some wintery themes and layouts to try with different media. Get your pens, sticker, watercolor, washi tapes ready, and get inspired to

20 Rustic Christmas Wreaths

20 Rustic Christmas Wreaths You Should Try

When you think about rustic Christmas wreaths, think about how to keep them simple. Rustic wreaths may not ooze out urban sophistication, but they have a sweet, cozy, and welcoming note that no one can miss! Rustic wreaths necessarily mean including natural things and old-time favorites like burlap and plaid bows. So, here are some

40 Economical DIY Christmas Home Decor Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate the festive season than trying budget-friendly decoration ideas for your home that amaze and inspire you to save your money. This Christmas, if you’re looking for economical DIY Christmas home decor ideas that are both tasteful and inexpensive, then you’ve landed at the

40 Easy Pop Art Painting Ideas For Beginners

In today’s art world, pop art paintings are gaining huge popularity because they had the power of elevating everyday objects into a bright, fun, and bold visual style.  Usually, pop art paintings are a mixture of bright colors and the use of recognizable imagery from a culture like celebrities, advertisements, and iconic comic book characters.

40 Astonishing Night Skies Photography Tips and Ideas

This post was most recently updated on July 3rd, 2020Photographing the night sky successfully isn’t quite easy, you need experience, enough time, and most important ‘patience’. Remember, if you have patience – you can look at an image’s composition critically and peacefully decide what you need to change next time to make it better. So,

40 Meaningful But Cute Behind The Ear Tattoo Designs

Tattoo lovers! When it comes to choosing your next tattoo, the options seem endless. Agree?  The ear is among one of the best places to get your first tattoo inked. You can effortlessly get ear tattoo inked either on the shell of the ear, on your earlobe or behind the ear. This not only contributes