Privacy Policy

Here at nothing is more important that security of data. Data protection is most important for us. We ensure that data is processed according to applicable laws of privacy.

Anyone reading our website contents must be well versed with our privacy policy. The terms and regulations are important part of our website’s working and so we want you to know them.  Any data that you give us is kept here with 100% confidentiality. We will be using your personal data only as per the terms given in privacy policy of our website. Your data will never be shared with anyone under any circumstances. If you feel that we have been lacking somewhere and are not following terms and regulations as mentioned in our privacy policy you shall there and then stop browsing our website. You may back out. We don’t mind at all. We have all rights to amend our privacy policy as and when required. Please keep visiting our privacy policy page so as to keep yourself updated for any changes in our privacy policy.

You continuing using our site imply that you agree by our terms and condition and regulations as per our privacy policy at that very point of time.  If you do not to agree to any of our terms then you must not continue on our site. Although none of our terms is unreasonable but still choice is all yours!

Our privacy policy here at sets out how we collect, process, store and use your personal information collected from you or through our software programming interface. Some information reaches us automatically like the browser you are using, computer language, time at which you used our website etc.

Your personal data that you give us!

When you use our website, we usually collect some personal information from you like:

  • Your name
  • Name of the company you are working for
  • Your location
  • Where you have submitted/posted content, your submissions/posts or blogs; and where you have registered with us, your user name and password
  • When you submit/post content which is Personal Data on or via the Site in user forums or blogs on or accessed via this Site, you agree that any such Personal Data may be viewed by others.

That’s the way we do it!

We may use your personal data for following reasons:

  • To customize our site as per your requirements based on the information you have given to us. Your interests and needs help us with that.
  • The providing you updates and notifications if you have registered yourself with us.
  • For our internal record keeping. That too is important after all!
  • For conducting various analysis on markets and carrying out surveys.
  • Establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims.
  • In terms of sharing, disclosing or transferring your Personal Data to third parties except as set out in this Privacy Statement, we will not disclose your Personal Data unless we have your permission or unless we are required to do so to comply with applicable law or an order of a governmental or law enforcement body.

About those Emails!

When you register yourself with us on our website by answering questions asked, you are permitting us to have an access to you via your email id which you provide as a part of the information provided by you. Please don’t mark us spam! Our information is really worth it most of the times. We don’t just email to bore you or unnecessarily fill up your inbox.

Let us tell you about cookies!

Cookie is a tiny little file that’s stored on your computer. It contains the address of the Web site and codes that your browser sends back to the Web site each time you visit a page there. Cookies don’t usually contain personal information or anything dangerous; they’re usually innocuous and useful. Choice of saving cookies is up to you. Since all browsers allow you to delete cookies you are free to do that. You may also refuse to accept them at all. Using our website means you allow us to use cookie as per terms as given in our privacy policy.

Your data is safe!

We use best application software to protect and manage your data. Please keep your username and password to yourself to avoid anyone misusing it.

Something you must do!

  • Please logout of your account especially while using your account in public location.
  • Keep your account details private
  • Keep changing your password frequently
  • Visit the privacy policy page at times

We shall initiate legal action when we catch someone copying the contents of our website. We write original and never copy and that’s what we expect from everyone. Be original Be creative! When you write yours you win hearts! Have a good day!