Aerial View of A Palm Plantation
Aerial images capture the zoomed-out view of places and landscapes. It exposes us to different perspectives impossible to grasp from photos shot from the ground.

Top 10 Aerial Photos of Nature

Aerial View of A Palm Plantation
Aerial images capture the zoomed-out view of places and landscapes. It exposes us to different perspectives impossible to grasp from photos shot from the ground.

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Ariel’s photographs give us a wider view of the world from above. Nature’s pattern, vibrant colors, contours of sceneries look astonishingly wonderful from the top. The aerial view can change your perspective of looking at the world. Photographs of trees, rivers, snow, and natural habitats look more beautiful when captured from the air.

Here are the top 10 aerial photos of nature that will make you feel the true beauty of nature!

1. The ocean is blue!

Aerial image of the ocean, showcasing spectacular blue shades all in one frame. In the center, you can see an island of sand.
Sea is a wonderful world made of water, sand, and waves. With a vast majority of oceans still unexplored, seas continue to captivate us with their beauty

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This beautiful picture is taken from the top of the Caspian Sea. The photographer has captured the running waves of the sea perfectly in the camera. This Arial photograph is showing the greatness of nature effortlessly. This Caspian Sea is the world’s largest body of water near an island.

The photograph is beautifully showcasing all the shades of blue. This eye-pleasing picture is what you want to inspire yourself to travel all around the world. You may also feel tempted to visit the seashore and click awesome pictures of nature.

Sea World is always a beautiful sight which holds our attention. Many people tend to be quiet and communicate with the nature and universe at these types of places. Humans are always drawn to the sea and its waves. This photograph is indeed making us fall more in love with the seashore.

2. Nature versus Man!

An image from the high rises of the Caspian seas speaks a thousand stories at once. One can witness running waves rolling off a sand island in the middle of the sea. As it does so, different hues of blue color are revealed at once. In a true masterstroke of nature, the sea expresses its unspoken grace, through a thousand colors. This image is a testament to the fact that we, as a civilization, who boast about being highly advanced actually know very little about our planet. This is more true about oceans as they are largely untouched by humans.
Nature owns man. It is not the other way around. This picture is a reminder that humans should submit to nature’s course and live in harmony with it, instead of bulldozing their way through the planet.


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Nature is a precious gift to humans. This image is showing how nature is harmoniously merged with humans. We have made roads, trains, and transports, but we can only find peace in the leave of trees. It seems like this green color of trees is an integral part of our life.

Nature spread its beauty everywhere. This picture speaks about the relationship between man and nature. It is amazingly captured the best aerial nature pictures from which you can’t take your eyes off. Another massage we can convey from this photo is, nature is alive, so we are. We both are healing, growing, and making our paths. Won’t it be fantastic for you to drive on this road, halt for an hour, seat at a corner, and inhale the purest form of air?

3. Isn’t it soothing?

A hilly island filled with greenery surrounded by calm waters of the ocean
The solitude of being in an uninhabited island, that too in the middle of the sea is unparalleled. This is an island in Colorado that offers exactly that.


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Imagine spending some luscious days on this island, won’t it be thrilling? Even the thought can make you bounce with excitement. This pure beauty of nature is captured from the top. This place is in the heart of Colorado in Breckenridge. The island is located in the rocky hill mountains, surrounded by a blue ocean. The above photograph is worth your attention and admiration.

Seashores and islands are most attractive to the eyes. The combination of blue and green is ultimate. Nothing can match the superiority of nature in the terms of beauty.

This ocean must be filled with many interesting creatures of nature. The refreshing top view of this island is mysterious and pleasing. It has the magnificence of peacefulness hidden inside the island and under the sea. This photograph will haunt you with its beauty for days.

4. Nothing can be more beautiful.

Aerial image of a rice field of Bali, with its numerous levels and surrounded by coconut trees on its fringes.
Rice feeds gigantic populations of humans every day. This field of paddy field in Bali with its numerous steps of smaller fields exposes the beauty of the place, which is hard to see with naked eyes from the ground level.


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The rice field is looking refreshing from the above. The picture is taken in the fields of rice in Bali, Indonesia. These days, Bali is rapidly growing as a holiday country. With rice fields, ocean, and mountain views this place is growing its popularity among young travelers.

Aerial photography captures the things which are not visible to your eyes from the surface. In this image, the systematic separation of field is forming a pattern of nature. It is an eye-pleasing scenery with a violent color combination of green and black.

You may feel refresh by only looking at this picture. The photograph also decodes the power of nature, its growth capacity, and its ability to provide food to all. Nature is not only beautiful but also helpful in many ways. We can’t think of our lives without nature.

5. Picture perfect Scenery.

Sydney’s shores are filled with rocky landscapes, greenery, and the ocean, as captured in this aerial photo.
Sydney boasts some beautiful beaches in Australia. With rocky terrains towards inland and the calm ocean surrounding it, the visual treat is indeed filmy.


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Bestowed with natural beauty, this photograph is a perfect example of paradise. Its lush green surroundings, crystal clear water waves, and soothing landscapes give this picture a feeling of perfection. In this picture, the ocean is meeting with the mother earth. It seems like the image is divided into four different layers of nature. One is devoting the mild green sea, another the foamy white waves, the third one is of brown earth and the fourth one is representing the greenery of the world.

By looking at this photo, anyone can feel the chilling vibes of this place. The place is more like a treasure hunt for the people who love to spend their time with nature. The beautiful backwater is utterly unique and giving a mild sense of depth to the picture.

6. The beauty of Switzerland!

Image of a cable car moving through the high rises of Switzerland, surrounded by stunning beauty of mountains covered in snow.
Switzerland is world-famous for its mountains, exotic landscapes, and villages. This picture sums up why it is so reputed in terms of pure natural beauty.


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Switzerland is outrageously wonderful. It has the beauty of nature covered with a white blanket of snow. It is not only famous for its chocolate, watches, and banks but also holds the traveler’s attention by its natural sceneries. The above picture is showing a journey from one mountain to another. Isn’t it everyone’s dream to travel in the air through roadways?

The amazing mountains, lakes, and heaps make Switzerland’s villages worth visiting. The photograph taken is not entirely from the top but it is an aerial picture showcasing the cold vibes of the place. This picture can offer you many feelings when you look at it. It may bounce your heart with the thrill of snow riding, roaming around mountains, and much more.

7. Shades of Green!

A farm recently sowed, sits inside a perimeter of lush green trees.
Greenery is not confined to just green color. It has a multitude of hues and this photo represents this perfectly


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Green is the color of calmness, peace, and harmony. It symbolizes nature. This is the reason most people feel calm while roaming in the trees. The color also denotes growth and rebirth. The above photograph is of a field with different shades.

The trees are standing like borders between the farms. The light brown shade of the earth is giving more meaning to the photograph. This image is eye-pleasing and amazing. The one who clicked this picture must be overwhelmed by the beauty of nature. Your eyes can never get tired by looking at this calming scenery. We cannot even imagine how peaceful it will be to spend our days in the valley of the green blanket of trees.

8. Himalayan Heaven!

Filled with beautiful skylines, Himalaya is a place worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. This picture of bucolic scenery is giving a feel of heaven. No one has seen heaven but if you have been to Himalaya, you don’t need to be curious about the real heaven.

This picture speaks a thousand words. This explains why people choose Himalaya for isolation. This is a thrilling place for both adventurous and calm people. This picture is astonishingly eye-pleasing and appealing to all who have a sense of recognizing beauty. You cannot describe the beauty of this photo in words. It is spectacular. The Himalayan mountains are standing still and waiting for you to capture them in your cameras, feel the depth of the place, and be defined as it is.

9. When the ocean meets the earth!

The sea waves are bouncing with their cheerful nature. Everything is picture-perfect at this moment. The rocky earth, the crazy violent waves, and yet calming sea are all together making the image more attractive in its own way. The different shades of blue, white, and green are making this picture more appealing to the eyes of those who know the value of creative photography.

This heavenly image is of Hastings point of New South Wales, Australia. The photographer must have felt the urge to capture this surprisingly beautiful scenery. There is a depth of the sea in this image. You can even hear the weaves bouncing at the edge of the rocks, a=making it more pleasing to both eyes and minds.

10. Nature’s awaking Beauty!

Last but not the least, this picture of tall dark green tress is thrillingly haunting. The narrow road is cutting the path of wild trees with an arc. The curve of the road is looking so natural that it seems like an integral part of this deep jungle. This photograph must be hiding many wild animals and fascinating creatures of nature. The sharp edges of the tress can be felt even from the above.

Nature heals us in so many ways. It calms us naturally, keeps us physically active, and most importantly, makes us remind of the divine power of the universe every time we look at it. All of the above aerial pictures of nature are wonderful. Each one of them is trying to say something.

Aerial photography provides you a different perspective of looking at the image or place. This type of photography is also called airborne imagery. It triggers the temptation of us to fly and take pictures. Aerial pictures can also be taken by aircraft or other flying objects, but many photographers fly high and shoot with their hand cameras.

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