A really bold style of wall decoration is the rainbow colored rectangle shape.

10 Best Geometric Wall Paint Ideas

Image Source Do you want to add a piece of yourself to your home? What better way than to turn your walls into your own personalized slice of art? Be it circles, triangles, arches or squares, painted geometric designed are here to stay. Let your imagination run free when you choose to paint a small

Top 8 Contemporary Abstract Art Pieces

Artwork or pieces that are published in the later period of the 20th century are considered to be contemporary. These contemporary artworks represent certain aspects of society, individual personas, cultures, and other various themes. Artists work in a world unlike ours and their abstractions are a reflection of how they see the world. And since

Aerial View of A Palm Plantation

Top 10 Aerial Photos of Nature

This post was most recently updated on April 16th, 2021Image Source Ariel’s photographs give us a wider view of the world from above. Nature’s pattern, vibrant colors, contours of sceneries look astonishingly wonderful from the top. The aerial view can change your perspective of looking at the world. Photographs of trees, rivers, snow, and natural

Partial beige-colored building and a partial view of boats parked

Top 10 Acrylic Paintings Ideas

Image Source Are you in the phase of creative block and do not know what to paint next? Worry not, we have come up with around the top 10 acrylic paint ideas for you. All you have to do is, be excited about this creative journey. Stuck at one place and not knowing the next

The image of a green serpent coiled around and ready to strike at the first chance.

10 Amazing Snake Tattoo Ideas

Image source Whenever we think of snakes, a bubble of poisonous bites and fearful animals pops up right above our head. However, when it comes to snake tattoos, people find them fancy and intimate. Snake tattoos add an amazing meaning and bring a fresh look to the body if designed wonderfully. People from all over

10 Famous Modern Art Paintings You Should Know About

Image Source: Wikimedia commons Paintings are one of the most common and popular forms of artistic expression throughout human history – cue stone age wall paintings. However, we have come a long way from simplistic drawings of animals carved inside the walls of caves. Along with ourselves, our art has also evolved over time. Here

8 Best Street Art Graffiti From Across the World

Source: Pexels Graffiti and street art have never found their place among other traditional artforms. The fact that graffiti and street art is illegal in many places speaks a lot about its representation. However, graffiti and street artists have defied the odds and still managed to make some of the most beautiful art that this

Smaller, Delicate, Butterfly, Tattoo

10 Amazing Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Image Source – Unsplash Tattoos are personal artistic symbols and you would want to get one that suits your personality the best. And if you plan to tell your story, then this article has several ideas in store for you. From Ariane Grande to Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, a trending tattoo idea among celebrities

Canebière, Diversion, 3D, Art

10 Best Examples of 3D Street Art

Image source “This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” Henry David Thoreau’s words are perfectly resonated in one of the most awe-inspiring art forms that have evolved – Street Art. Displayed on surrounding buildings, pavements, streets to pillars and trains, the art is often associated with vandalism. However, in recent times, it has

Numerous different kinds of handmade soaps placed together in a colorful setting.

20 Gifts Ideas for your Mom This Christmas

“Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way. Oh, what fun it is to ride, in a one-horse open sleigh”. Doesn’t this jingle fill your soul with joy and happiness? Well, it is that time of the year it’s ‘Christmas 2020’. No matter in which country or part of the world you are, Christmas is

A black shirt tie with yellow polka dots, placed on top of other ties

24 Gifts to Give Your Dad This Christmas

Christmas and giving gifts are inseparable. The tradition of giving gifts started when Three Wise Men gave gifts to the baby Jesus. Through gifts, we convey our love, affection, and respect for the recipient. Following are the ideas for Christmas gift for dad: 1. Lucky Bamboo: A Bamboo plant is an excellent gift because it

Wrapped-up Christmas gifts and star decorations.

20+ Quality Gifts to Give to Your Friends

A true friendship is all about immense affection and an interpersonal bond that goes way beyond the realms of logic. From going together through the highs and lows of life to being each other’s lifeline, friends are an important part in all our lives. Whether it is a classmate you have grown up with or

Flowers placed inside water in a glass bottle and a black and white photo of a monument in the background.

25 Gifts to Give Your Co-workers

Christmas is here, and along with it, the intense pressure to choose great gifts. Got picked for Secret Santa? Celebrating Christmas at the workplace and don’t want to be left out? Don’t worry as we have a list of 25+ gift ideas that will be brighten your co-workers’ day. Digital Photo Frame Got a co-worker

A Christmas wallpaper iPhone of two gift boxes under a Christmas tree

15 Wallpapers for Your iPhone this Christmas

The holiday season is here and so is the time for overcoats, festive mufflers and pumpkin spiced lattes! While we skip, jump and hop our days till Christmas, why must our iPhones miss out on a holiday makeover? Read on for some inspiration on how your iPhone may reflect your holiday spirit this Christmas. The

Buffalo plaid checkered Christmas ornaments in different color combinations, including blue, black, red, green, brown, and white and different shapes

15 Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas is around the corner and so you must be planning around decking up the walls and ceilings of your room with beautiful decorations. It is very comforting to decorate your entire house, and much more. The entire world is prepping for shopping new stuff and decorative items. A buffalo plaid – What is it?