About Us

GreenOrc – Unlock Your Thoughts is the perfect place where putting every sort of information at one place is what we have done for you. A multi-niche website, serving you information on all your interests is what is here at Greenorc.com. You ask for information on anything! yes anything! and we have it for you here. You name it and we have it.

Our aim at GreenOrc is to create such a modern website that an explorer over the interest gets all information at one place instead of wandering over hundreds of websites. We write about fashion, tattoos, clothes, relationships, place to visit, wedding, parties, beauty, friendship, lifestyle, art. Photography or anything else you name. Our objective is providing information on all major aspects of life at one place. Your one stop for all information you need.

Together we can together we will!!

A combination of “you” and “me” which together makes “we” works best. This venture of ours is nothing without you. We need you as much as you need us!  You are the ones giving us directions. We love giving you what you need. When we hear from you of what you might need our efforts go straight into giving you what you need. Keep telling us what you need and keep getting it from us. Its simple, your order is our command! We will happily do it. You are the boss and you are the ones ruling us!

Talking about this page

This “about us” page is carved out to let you know what GreenOrc is actually about. We through this page aim at telling you that you will get information on everything here. We are not limited to any particular arena. We are as diversified in terms of information as anyone can be. We don’t restrict ourselves to any particular avenue. Our target is providing satisfaction to you. We are not selling or endorsing anything but we are here to tell you what to go for when you go out buying and we aren’t limited to just tell you buy, we would tell you where to go, how to go, what all to go take, what to wear, what to eat, how much to spend and question that comes to your mind will be answered here.

We owe you a big thank you!

We are here because of you! We would do all for you. We want our relationship with you to grow stronger each day. We understand various aspects of your life and try to connect to it and work on it as if we are working for ourselves. When we know you trust us, we just can’t let you down. We understand when even little things in life gain huge importance and then you need someone to just tell you how to help it. We are there then! And then when we hear an appreciation from you, we just feel on top of the world.

We really are obliged and grateful for your support. We thank you for each and every word of yours whether it has come for way of comments or compliments. We welcome your suggestions. They really are required to help us improve and work towards betterment. They rather encourage us.

We honor your words every time they reach us. They are a source of inspiration for us.  Everyone needs motivation and your suggestions and appreciations are the biggest source of motivation for us.

Keep visiting our page. We promise to delight you with something new each time you visit out page. You will surely find your interest here.

Have a good day folks!