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40 Stunning Acrylic Nail Art Ideas To Try This Summer

40 Stunning Acrylic Nail Art Ideas To Try This Summer

Acrylic nails are quite a rage these days. The product is applied to your natural nails, which then hardens and provides you with a perfect canvas for nail art. If you are fond of acrylic nails, then sure go for them. But to ensure they look as adorable as the nails of professional models in

40 Bohemian Style Outfits To Try This Summer

Bohemian clothing is all about flaunting the hippie side of your personality. The more creative you can get with this theme, the better you look. There is no routine pattern or colour that characterises the bohemian clothing style, but anything that makes you feel ultra-hippie is a great bohemian wear. Still, a lot of women

10 Universal Fashion Hacks for Every Curvy Girl

This post was most recently updated on May 20th, 2018 Curves are sexy and thus curvy girls are born to make other girls jealous. There is a number of fashion ideas curvy girls can try to dazzle at events. The trend must be followed to create that inspiring fashionista impression wherever you go. While choosing


45 Beautiful Spring Nail Art Designs And Colors 2018

When it comes to beauty and fashion, having pretty nail design is the key! Pressed flowers, fluorescent tips and color-blocked pastels make the beautiful spring nail designs and colors mentioned below prime picks for warm-weather months. But, we don’t blame you if you wear them year-round. This year, spring nail art is back in a