10 Must Visit Countries For Food Lovers


Have a craving for yummy-delicious food that will definitely set your tongue a flame, get your heart racing a mile in a minute and you really feel like doing anything to simply taste that dish? Well! Let’s see how far are you willing to travel to satisfy your hunger?

Food Lovers! Does food is the global passion for you so as travel…..hmmm? Yes, of course it’s a great idea to travel to such places where you can satisfy your tummy too. Here are a few Amazing Cooking Hacks for Working Women that you can resort to. These will help you rustle up a meal faster. Friends! When you’ll explore our list of must visit countries for food lovers to gather information regarding their regional specialties or all-time favorite dishes, we assure….you’ll savor incredible local cuisine when visiting these countries.

Must Visit Countries For Food Lovers

So, this New Year Eve…plan your vacation based on the popularity of local cuisine of a particular country. Here are some destinations that may provide exactly what you are looking for a memorable and enjoyable vacation with your family and friends!


Hot Dog: Chicago

Hot Dog is a favorite meal of all fast food lovers and not all hot dogs are created equal, right! Guys, head to this windy city and look for an authentic Chicago hot dog at a famous Vienna Beef hot dog corner. The use of mustard, celery salt, tomatoes, pickle and hot pepper makes it delicious.

Assam Laksa: Malaysia

Malaysia is most often known as the country from where the trend of street food culture evolved. Food enthusiasts! If you’re planning to spend your vacations here in this country, then it’s a far correct decision. A dish made with rice noodles and fish soup known as Assam Laksa is quite popular.

Lobster: Cuba

Cuba is world popular as a land full of Lobster! The top restaurants of the country serve it to perfection, grilled in the half-shell with lemon and delicious butter.

Sushi: Japan

With the rising trend in healthy eating and the popularity of sushi, the markets and restaurants of Osaka have become one of the best food tours to remember for a long time. Deep fried kebabs are also popular here.

Sea Food: Italy

Yes, Italian sea food is popular in food world owing to its super taste, flavors of Italy. It ranks among top 5 must visit countries for food lovers and as a traveler, you will find the delicious and authentic flavors of Italian cuisines are heavily based on red meat with winter veggies. Check out some easy ways to become a cauliflower ninja! Here, we present some incredible dishes you can make with cauliflower instead of those traditional carbs you’re used to.

Laksha: Singapore

Friends! Traveling to Singapore and visiting all those hawker centers selling delicious and cheap dishes is an exciting experience. Don’t you dare forget to try Laksha, a coconut based curry soup with thick colorful rice noodles.

Adobo: The Philippines

Are you planning a trip to islands? Then, there is no chance of not trying the national dish of Philippines…‘Adobo.’ It’s a simple meat dish seasoned with garlic, soy, sauce and vinegar. Visitors, enjoy it with plain rice the most.

Green Chillies: Bhutan

Green Chillies are liberally used in almost every dish of Bhutan. The national dish of the country, Ema Datshi, contains yummy cheese and powdered green chillies stuffed with beef and cabbage.

Khachapuri: Russia

If you ever want to taste the best grilled cheese sandwich of your life, then you better think of Khachapuri. Its colorful bread filled sprinkled with a salty cheese.

Superfoods: Peru

Yes! Peru is among top countries of the world when we talk about food quality.  The country is known for so called super foods such as – amaranth, quinoa, meats and seafood that are produced and farmed locally.

At last, here are a number of Magnificent Birthday Cake Designs for Kids which would surely bring a smile on their face. Most of these ideas are basic and can even be prepared at home if you have that baking instinct activated inside you. we can say that from Chinatown eateries to classy Indian restaurants, there are many great places to try something new and exciting. Interestingly, we have given a new term to the people who love to travel to eat i.e. ‘Adventure Eaters.’ Must visit countries for food lovers mentioned above provide you with complete knowledge of ‘can’t miss’ foodie highlight around the world. And, yes…why not? Sometimes, food can be the reason for selecting a destination in the first place.

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