10 Amazing Cooking Hacks for Working Women


Working women have to balance everything whether it is her work or taking care of her family and her house. She has to do everything under a crunch time. By the time, they get back from work, either it is too late or they are too spent to be able to put a complete meal on the table.

Check out some easy ways to become a cauliflower ninja! Here, we present some incredible dishes you can make with cauliflower instead of those traditional carbs you’re used to.  Here are a few Amazing Cooking Hacks for Working Women that you can resort to. These will help you rustle up a meal faster. All you need is a little bit of preparation and planning.

Amazing Cooking Hacks for Working Women

Cleaning fruits and vegetables:

In order to get rid of all the dirt and grime of the fruits and vegetable try washing them with a mixture of water and vinegar. Also, known as vinegar wash this gets rid of almost all the dirt and traces of pesticides.

Fresh Bananas Hack:

Slicing up bananas in advance for pancakes or topping yogurt with makes so much sense. Spritz sliced bananas with fresh lemon, orange, lime, or apple juice to stop discolouring for hours. Do this right before bed, and your sliced ‘bananas will be ready to go in the morning.

Peeling eggs in a jiffy:

We can peel several hardboiled eggs at a time by shaking them in a lid container. It is easy and consumes very less time and is effective when we are in hurry. Egg shell removal can be made easier by just adding baking soda or vinegar to water while boiling eggs. Amazing Cooking Hacks for Working Women.
Peeling the ginger:

We can peel the papery uneven rough skin from ginger without a peeler or a knife. We can use a spoon to get a clean ginger root without leaving any fragment of skin on ginger root. The round edge of spoon is much more effective than a peeler or knife.
Deseeding pomegranate quickly:

Just cut the fruit into two parts. Hold one part in your hand and spat on the casing of the fruit with a spoon. Keep doing this until you have extracted all the seeds. And there you have it a bowl full of gleaming goodness.

Preventing green veggies from getting soggy:

we can now prevent our salad leaves from getting soggy by wrapping those with a paper towel. This soaks up extra moisture and keeps them fresh for more time. More Amazing Cooking Hacks for Working Women. Here are mouthwatering healthy meat dishes features prominently in various cuisines across the globe such as – from American Hamburgers and British morning toasts to the Indian Lamb curries.

Cleaning up glass pieces from the floor: 

It gets difficult to clean up the floor after breaking a glass. To be sure of it just slice a potato into half and dab it on the floor. Even the tiniest pieces of glass would get stuck in the potato and you can be completely assured.

Plan Ahead:

Do your grocery, vegetable and meat shopping over the weekend. Buy enough supplies to last you a week so that you never run out of an ingredient. Cooking becomes easy when you have all the ingredients at hand.

Frozen Fruit as a Practical Drink Garnish

Add flavour and a festive touch to wine, champagne, and sparkling water with this healthy hack! Either freeze your favourite seasonal fruit or buy a bag of frozen berries to use as an ice alternative. These creative ice tray hacks may help you prevent food waste while saving both money and time.

Making perfectly shaped pancakes:

Ladling pancake batter into a pan is a mess and pretty difficult. We can use our old ketchup bottle or any squeeze bottle. By squeezing the bottle, we can get perfectly round shaped pancakes without any unevenness.

Use these Amazing Cooking Hacks for Working Women and make cooking easy and stress free!!!

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