Best Cities For Young Professionals

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  1. Best Cities For Young Professionals

Coming out of school, whether it is high school or college, can be difficult. The amount of stress that goes into finding a new place to live with the right amount of opportunity can be a big decision.

You have to find the right balance of the small-town and big city. You’re saying that sounds like just finding a medium-sized town, but it’s completely different. You have to find a big city because of the opportunity offered in a large city. That being said.  That city has to have the kind of dynamic that a small town has where everyone knows everyone.  And, it feels like you’re not too far away from home. This way, you don’t panic and get too stressed out.

Best Cities For Young Professionals

Seattle, WA

In Seattle, there is so much opportunity with people who do not have much experience in their field — paid at a median salary of about $60,000 per year. It’s a great city for the new millennials because the latest technology that has modernized our society is rising up in Seattle.

Many young people out of college go into the tech industry in Seattle. Plus, the fact that it’s a fantastic city for coffee lovers makes it that much better for the younger generations. 

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh is not typically seen as a booming city, and it generally is undervalued in that sense. Pittsburgh is exceptionally affordable, and one of the most historical cities in the United States.

Most people living in Pittsburgh are between the ages of 25 and 34 years old. And the average rent only accounts for 23 percent of the median income of a full-time worker.  This makes Pittsburgh an excellent choice for almost all young professionals.

Plus if you are a modern-day hip-hip enthusiast, rappers such as Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller grew up in Pittsburgh.

Oakland, CA

Oakland is a unique city in itself because of the arts and culture involved with the city. Any art major looking for an opportunity in the industry will be happy with the results that they see in this city. 

In addition to that, Oakland homes for sale are beautiful and sure to satisfy young professionals.

Oakland is also the home of some of the sports’ most historical moments. The record-breaking win streak that the Oakland A’s had was one of the most legendary sports events in history.

Hollywood made a movie about it called Moneyball. Any sports enthusiasts who are interested in the history of this sports city will be happy with their location.


Many cities would be well suited for young professionals because of the style of living that the city has to offer, and the price at which the city offers it. Plus, all of these cities are large but have the feel of small towns.

This balance is essential for young professionals, so they can avoid stress and enjoy a great working environment.


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