12 Unique Hand Picked Tattoo Ideas For Girls


Tattoos have always been an amazing means of self-expression. Whether you are bold, stubborn, kind or determined, you can make it reflect through your tattoo. If you thought tattoos are just a cool body art that offers your overall getup an edge, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Tattoos are much more than that. With the right tattoo, you can make people pause and think, why you got it in the first place. So, tattoos have stories hidden behind them.

If you are a girl, who wants to narrate her story to the world through her tattoo, then here are some picks to check out. The below mentioned Unique Hand Picked Tattoo Ideas For Girls are not just cool to look at but also extremely meaningful. Also, check out some cool Deep-rooted Forest Tattoo Designs. Have a look-

Unique Hand Picked Tattoo Ideas For Girls

A pretty butterfly

Although there are many Unique Hand Picked Tattoo Ideas For Girls, the butterfly tattoo is pretty common and popular. It stands for growth and rebirth.

Bow tattoos

Bow tattoos look heart-meltingly adorable. Bows symbolise fashion and are a perfect tattoo idea for you if you are a fashion-forward woman.

Flying birds

Those tiny flying birds on your back or wrist can really make many hearts flutter. Flying birds mean the inherent nature of a woman to live free and such a tattoo could express her desire to scale dizzy heights of success.

Music notation

Girl! If you sleep music, eat music and drink music, then a music notation is what you need to get inked. Starting from aircrafts, and suitcases to world maps and paper aircrafts, there is simply no end to Inspiring Travel Tattoo Ideas For Wanderers. So, don’t make any delays. 

A crown

So, you believe in living life king size. Well, why not get a crown tattoo inked? Crown represents royalty and authority. And if that’s what you want in your life, then a crown tattoo is perfect for you.

A tiger’s face

When it comes to Unique Hand Picked Tattoo Ideas For Girls, how can we forget the tiger face tattoo? It stands for all the courage and grit a woman holds inside her delicate exterior shell.

A tiny dove

Doves look adorable. More so, when they are inked on the wrist of a woman. And because doves mean peace and harmony, it is ideal for any woman who believes in these ideals. A dove tattoo can also mean the beginning of a new life. While adorning body jewels is the desire of numerous young people, a significant number of them are not aware about the mistakes to be avoided when getting body pierced.

Lucky number tattoo

Like most people, if you too have a lucky number that never ditches you, then get it inked on your skin. Guess what! Numbers look awe-inspiring as tattoos.

A clamshell tattoo

This tattoo is just perfect for you if you are habitually drawn towards marine life.

An Owl

If you are wise and want people to know this, then get an owl tattoo done on your body. Owls are also a fashion favourite these days. Also, Here are the Perfect Spots To Hide Small Tattoos, explore them to decide yours.

A QR code tattoo

A QR code tattoo can appropriately convey your love for technology and science. And guess what! Such tattoos look cool and chic at the same time.

A rose tattoo

If you are thinking of getting a rose tattoo etched on the skin, make sure you go for colours. A black rose could look eerie. With a nice rose tattoo, you will be able to convey strength, passion, beauty and love effectively. Here this list of Unique Parts Of Body for girls to get a tattoo will be helpful for you to decide the one.

Gone are the days, when tattoos were not considered a universal style choice. Only the hippies used to get them. But times have definitely changed now. Today, tattoos are considered appropriate across gender and age. So, no matter how old you are and whether you are a man or a woman, if you love being inked, you can go for it. Also, here we present our step-by-step guide to secret tips before getting a tattoo you won’t regret for the rest of your life!! Nobody is going to judge you, no matter what. And if you are a girl, the Unique Hand Picked Tattoo Ideas For Girls given above are just perfect for you. Get one of them inked and make people turn to steal a second glance at your body art.

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