10 Unique Parts Of Body For Girls To Get A Tattoo


Yes, girls! You can look sexier with the tattoo. If you are thinking about having your body inked with your passion symbol or the design that resembles your personality or choices, go ahead. Some of you may be thinking about the pain you have to bear. Of course, tattoo hurt and you have to bear that pain.

You must get it done by professionals and yes remember to choose a right body part to get inked. This list of Unique Parts Of Body for girls to get a tattoo will be helpful for you to decide the one. Here are 17 Simple Tattoos With sophisticated Meaning must be known if you are planning to get inked anytime sooner. This would surely help you in choosing or customizing any tattoo design.

Unique Parts Of Body For Girls To Get A Tattoo

Sexy cleavage

Everyone knows that the cleavage is the sexiest part to flaunt. You can flaunt it in style with a tattoo. There are special cleavage designs for cleavages you can select from. Be careful while choosing the cleavage tattoo design as it is a sensitive part of your body which may get injured easily.

Your inner wrist

This is the most preferred body part for the first tattoo which you will never regret. Your skin may expand over time and spoil your tattoo design but inner wrist skin will never disappoint you. This is the best one among Unique Parts Of Body for girls to get a tattoo.

Back portion of your shoulder

Have a spectacular tattoo on your shoulder’s back portion. You can hide this tattoo wherever you don’t want to show it off. With the formal wear, you can keep this tattoo secret. Here are some of best spots to hide tattoos!!

Front Waist

Girls who love to wear low waist attires must go with a tattoo on front waist. Select a cute small design for this body part to flaunt your slim waist.

Stylish ankle tattoo

It looks too attractive and appealing. It is recommended to skip this body part if it is your first time. Though it looks cool, it hurts a lot as this body part is boney. Tattoo needles find no cushion on the ankles. Here are Mightiest Superhero tattoo designs that are a way for us to show how much we admire certain heroes, whether that is their virtues, their morals, or simply just their image. 

Lower back of the waist

You can have a tattoo on the lower back of the waist just like the front waist tattoo.

On the secret collarbone

This is one of the Unique Parts Of Body for girls to get a tattoo which can be kept a secret when you don’t want to flaunt it. You get a number of tattoo design for the collarbone. It is best if you are working in a firm where tattoos are not allowed and you have to wear formals.

Back of the ear

Girls can ink small artistic tattoo on the skin back of the ear. This beautiful tattoo adds boldness to the personality. When you don’t want to show it, you can simply hide it with your hairs. Also, here we present our step-by-step guide to secret tips before getting a tattoo you won’t regret for the rest of your life!!

Finger gaps

Girls, you have delicate and beautiful fingers. You can enhance their beauty with a bold and small tattoo in the gaps. You can ink initials or symbol of your passion in these gaps.


If you are brave enough to bear pain you can go with the rib tattoo. Remember it is the most sensitive body part to get inked. Everything you need to know before your first tattoo helps you in expressing yourself in front of others (professional tattoo artists) and they’re just fun! Check them!

Have you decided the one from Unique Parts Of Body for girls to get a tattoo listed above? It is recommended for the newbies to choose a less sensitive body part to get inked. Once you get the confidence in bearing the pain of tattoo, you can further get inked on sensitive body parts like ribs or feet. Though all parts look sexier when inked, you have to be selective when its first time. Step into the tattoo world like a pro with artistic design. You will definitely fall in love with the tattoo once you get it done, try them now.

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