20 Astonishing Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials


Photoshop is a very innovative software tool. With the help of this tool you can very easily convert simple and lifeless elements into beautiful photo images.

  • Photoshop also serves as a great platform for creating dynamic graphics for both web and print.
  • With this, you should also not forget that the tool also makes your day-to-day work pretty simpler as it’s quite useful for transforming graphics and photos into the correct format as per your requirement.

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (23)

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are two faces of the same coin as they provide one of the best combinations of tools for artists, designers and illustrators from different fields. You can use both the applications together either to create collage of images or for highlighting animation effects. If you want to learn the basic tips to make your logo look professional then here is some information you should read.

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials

Let’s have a look over 20 best Photoshop illustrator tutorials that are really necessary for your work such as Photoshop CC, CS5, and CS6.

Learn Pro-Level Masking Skills

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (3)

In this tutorial, Radim Malinic shows how he has turn his imagination into a real picture. He has created a unique picture by mixing two pictures together. That is, burlesque –style central figure with other powerful, whimsical elements. He also includes a dream catcher and a merry-go-round.

Combine Real and Digital Brushes

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (4)

The famous photographer Adi Gilbert explains in this tutorial that how he has managed to produce such beautiful crafted illustrations using a blend of traditional brushwork with digital techniques with a Photoshop tool.

Spice up 3D Type

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (5)

Photoshop’s 3D tools serves as standard manipulative tools.

  • In this tutorial, brilliant illustrator Thomas Burden shows you how to create an inspired piece of Tom with an old school New York coffee house.
  • To make it look real, he has used mixture of textures and vivid color techniques.

Use Brushes to Highlight Portraits

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (6)

The famous product designer David Mahoney explains in this tutorial how to create a ‘tradigital’ artwork. He had made this possible by taking advantage of both traditional and digital mediums.

Create a Surreal Vintage Futuristic Design

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (7)

This is one of the best Photoshop illustrator tutorials. You can create this stylish design with awesome ‘wear and tear’ effects. You can put stars at the background and make light streaks from scratch. You will learn variety of graphic techniques in this tutorial. Let’s have a look over 10 easy tricks how online gaming can help you make some extra cash, but it’s useful for only professional gamers and not for the people who play games just for time pass or to have fun.

Enhance Live Event Photography 

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (8)

In this tutorial, you can learn how to correct key issues those photographing for artificially low-lit indoor events that includes stage shows, award ceremonies and theatre productions.

Create a Stunning Photo Montage

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (9)

This tutorial may prove helpful to you in many ways.

  • You can create an absolutely gorgeous photomontage.
  • You can see layering of shapes in a different style, efficient use of simple color palettes with the tool of layer style effects.

Create 3D Type with Paint Drips

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (10)

The superb and famous designer Logan Brinkley shows in this tutorial how to apply 3D effect techniques with a type-based illustration in an inverted triangular shape. The motive behind triangular shape is to give cool effect.

Master Photoshop Layer Effects

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (11)

As we all know that creating eye-catching, vibrant and realistic images is a complex and time-consuming affair. In this tutorial, James White shows that it’s not a tough job. It’s easy to add a vivid retro flair to a striking model shot.

Create a Superhero Movie Inspired Photo Manipulation

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (12)

With the help of this tutorial, you can create an exploding airplane and merge it with a flying superhero and call it as a ‘super kid’ later. You can modify it by adding color combinations.

How to Create a Photoshop Brush

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (13)

Balance Lighting Perfectly When Composting Elements

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (14)

Creating Cool Abstract Waves in Skateboard Jam

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (15)

To enhance your knowledge of art and creativity, we present some of the popular and easy to use iphone apps for art lovers.

Create an abstract space artwork in Photoshop & Maya

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (16)

Create an Amazing Photomonage

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (17)
Coloring Tricks For Inked Artwork

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (18).

Make a Mailbox Icon Using Adobe Illustrator

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (19)

Create a Cute Twitter Bird Icon in Photoshop

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (20)

How to Change Text Color in Photoshop

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (21)

Draw a Victorious Warrior Knight in Photoshop

Photoshop Illustrator Tutorials (22)

We just hope that the above mentioned Photoshop illustrator tutorials will help you to find the perfect tutorial for the creative skills you want to learn.

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