7 Things To Keep In Mind When Moving From Graphic Design To Web Design

Do you want to switch your career from Graphic design to Web design? If yes, then needless to say this shift in your career has made you a bundle of nerves. Perhaps, you’re worried about the technology or the coding part. In my opinion, you shouldn’t fear. You should know your path, feel confident about your designing skills and step up translating those skills into dynamic web designs. In fact, you have an advantage as a designer and your Achilles’ heel is completely conquerable.

Throughout this article, I will present you some of the important 7 tips before moving from Graphic Design to Web Design. This will help you to get your wheels rolling. Also you can learn the basic tips to make your logo look professional, HERE!

Things To Keep In Mind When Moving From Graphic Design To Web Design

Don’t paralyse yourself from the fear of technology

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After interacting with many students and professionals, I’ve found that most of them discourage themselves by saying “it’s a techie thing that only a tech-savvy can handle” or “coding is just not my thing”. In this way, they are just paralysing themselves with the fear of technology. There are different types of web designers and not every good designer is a good coder as well. You can better sell your ideas if you still don’t want to get deep down in coding.

Work in a group

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An interactive design needs everyone in the business to work together such as creative, tech and marketing staffs. It also gives you an opportunity to learn things from different viewpoints of ROI, designing, coding and advertising.

Work for accomplishing goals

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It’s not about creating award-winning designing, coding and marketing. It’s all about accomplishing business goals and targets. It’s also about what users want to dictate. So, you have to work accordingly.

Design from the customer perspectives

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The job of a web designer is to learn and remove the difficulties users are facing on the website. Basically, you have to properly define the three main parts of your website. They are your business, users and objectives. Eventually, you have to match users with top business goals of each category.

Be expert in creating stories

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You have to create compelling stories in terms of designing and building websites. You have to do it using CSS, SQL and Photoshop. Also, you have to find a way to simply the website to make it look real. Try to make it natural to clients by internally living user stories. Here are also some certain principles of designing the perfect logo to meet the business objectives clearly to the prospects you.

Overcome your fear

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I know it’s hard but you have to defeat your fears of failing, inadequate knowledge and not being smart enough. Keep in mind that not everyone can do everything perfectly and try to leverage your strengths. If you are unaware of your strengths yet then, take the FEDO assessment.

Don’t work for change be the change

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Usually. Graphic designers have worked in making posters, brochures, websites’ graphics and hawk mediocre items. But even they can also be a successful entrepreneur. They can also get together with hardcore nerds (programmers) and MBA’s and thereafter create the next big firm. Let’s have a look over 20 best Photoshop illustrator tutorials that are really necessary for your work such as Photoshop CC, CS5, and CS6.

This was all in tips before moving from Graphic Design to Web Design. I hope it will inspire you to start learning the language, designing and accomplishing user’s goals. So when it comes to creating or designing a website there are numerous dissimilar things that you want to take into attention to make sure your website is a achievement. I also hope you get over yourself and will start learning the verbal, start designing for your clients, start helping them achieve their goals, So come up with brilliant start-ups and ideas today itself.

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