Top 10 Benefits Of Playing Games


Well! Parents and teachers always worry about games creating negative effects on young children such as – violent behavior, dumbness, addiction and they will continue to put restrictions like that on a child’s freedom.

That’s true that video games are often criticized for the negatives connected with playing them. The major ones include – excessive time spent on video games results in less playing of physical activities, creative thinking is destroyed completely. we have also come up with 5 necessary tips to consider while playing video game. But if you choose proper and well-designed games, you can enjoy certain benefits of playing games while limiting the negatives.

Benefits Of Playing Games

Here are 10 benefits –

Video Games Help People to Overcome Dyslexia!

Games are always known to improve hand-eye co-ordination and helpful in gaining many skills. Dyslexia is a problem seen in many children these days. Studies have shown that continuous session of games with constantly changing environment marked great improvement in such kids reading comprehension skills.

They Slow The Aging Process!

‘Brain games’ involving puzzles, problem-solving questions, memory games have positive results on players. Friends! It’s proved 10 hours of play lead to increased cognitive functioning in players above 50. It’s such a great achievement that lasts for several years.

Relief in Pain!

To get relief from pain, it’s important to pay attention to something else or one must try to focus his/her mind in some other direction. And what could be the better option than playing your favorite video games? Especially small KIDS forget about their pain when they play video games without the need of any pain relieving medicines.

Boost Self Confidence!

Downloading, playing and at last, winning the game can give a quick boost to any child’s self confidence. Well! The benefits of playing games can’t be neglected as they indirectly teach children about various aspects of life on earth.

Video Games are Fun and Entertaining!

To get relief from hectic work schedule, we all look for some sort of entertainment in our life! Video Games are a superb choice. It is easy to get incredibly involved in the experience of learning. And there isn’t anything wrong in playing games just for the sake of FUN!

Reduce Stress!

Its right to say that these days, STRESS is not only experienced by the parents but also hampers children mental growth. Video games are a great way to reduce stress and fight impression. They are so immersive that winning a video game gives you a real sense of achievement.

Improve Critical Thinking Skills!

Video games focusing on puzzles and mental ability games such as – ‘Sudoku’ improve critical thinking skills and increase creativity in you. Remember, every small move and every stage in a game has a new problem that needs to be solved. As a result, you will learn to find solutions with continuous efforts.

Make People Happy!

One of the biggest benefits of playing games is that it makes people HAPPY. But, try to set a time limit for playing games, if you play on regularly basis because there is possibility that this tool may makes you become addicted.

Improve Social Skills!

Lack of social skills results in less social contacts and even causes depression. KIDS who are shy and lack confidence when interacting with relatives or friends may find it easier to open up when play video games repeatedly. Life without games is nothing. Games have become an integral part of everyone’s life, but have you ever thought of playing games just for the sake of some extra money.

They make KIDS Physical Fit!

The primary goal of few video games is to inculcate elements of fitness and healthy living in children. Sports games that include – volleyball, basketball, table tennis and skate boarding can lead to children practicing those same skills outside home and even at schools.

The world of gaming is changing constantly! We are not saying that playing the video games for too long or for a complete day is good, but benefits of playing games can’t also be neglected. It’s important to get knowledge about various types of games and learn how to choose games that are beneficial in long run.


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