45 Realistic Digital Painting Ideas For Your Inspiration


With the launch of the first software in the market in the 1980s, digital painting has certainly come a long way and emerged as an art form that has attracted many people from around the world. Digital painting is similar to or we can say a replica of the original form of art painting where we work with not paints, oils or on canvas but with the help of pen tablets, stylus and various other digital devices on a graphical software. With the passing time and a lot of refinement, it is now easy to fool the eyes with the digital paintings which can look exactly like the originally painted canvases. But before we move on to some realistic digital painting ideas for your inspiration, here are some tips for you to reach your awesome output.

Realistic Digital Paintings For Your Inspiration

5 Best Digital Painting Techniques For Beginners

  • Sketch and sketch more before you jump to the digital version as this will help you get more realistic output.
  • Work closely with the lighting and shadow of your subject. Round brushes are handy to add color to the corners and small areas.
  • The smudge tool is of great help and will make your work easier to blend the color and get the desired tones.
  • Every time you work on a part of your subject, work in a new layer and name it accordingly (like jewelry, fruit, eyes, etc). this will help you to divide your work so that you can rework on a specific area easily without disturbing the whole canvas.
  • Explore your software! Try out different types of filters and their variations to get a more creative output.

Let’s have a look at some really amazing realistic digital painting ideas for your inspiration.

Easy Digital Painting Ideas For Beginners

Still Life Painting:

The still life painting form has a long history behind and has a vast area of diversity. It includes both natural and man-made subjects like fruits, foliage or maybe an illustrative scene. The key to this is to observe closely the depth of lighting and shadow before getting to the digital part. Shading is what makes the still life paintings come alive. It is a remarkable genre for the people looking out for some answers in their artwork.


As the name suggests, the landscape is something that gives us the image of a place. The landscape blends well with the imagination. Also, it is not necessary to have the lad element every time in your painting. You can go for skyscapes, waterscapes, a sci-fi themed scene or anything you like. Try the blur filter options to put emphasis on a certain part of the landscape and make it look more meaningful and attractive. Keep reading to know more about realistic digital painting ideas for your inspiration. Here are some artistic miniature painting ideas listed, they are intricate and delicate brushwork examples that lend them a unique identity. Check and get inspired!


Portraits refer to the subject as a person or the artist replicating himself as a self-portrait. This form tells us about something about the person being portraited. To make it more interesting look for a pose that tells a story or maybe depict something unusual. Put more focus on the proportion to make it look realistic.


Art has no boundaries and so does your imagination. For someone who can really think out of the box and want that image to be painted on the canvas, the abstract form is the answer to it. Digital paintings can work well when it comes to creativity and abstract because there is so much experiment with and the best part about it is you can change whatever you want with a few clicks and without any hassle. Experimenting with watercolor texture, recreating the effect at work is the favorite thing they love to do and became part of their life as incredible animated movies fan art ideas.

Digital Painting Images

Be positive, patient and persistent. Let your artist out with these digital painting ideas for your inspiration.

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