Silhouette Photography: Know More About It

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  1. Silhouette Photography

An absolutely awesome thing that has happened to photography is definitely silhouette. It is a unique way of presenting the contrast between light and dark. And because they look so fabulous, they are a favourite among both beginner level and expert photographers.

If you love this effect and want to create magic with your photographs under this genre, then trying out certain Silhouette Photography tips would be the best bet. Such tips will give you an insight into the world of silhouette photography for professional level photographs. Also, take a look at these Easy Ways To Use Your iPhone For Professional Photography.

Info that will save your day

Although there are many things that you need to know about Silhouette Photography, there is no escaping this particular piece of info. So, what it says is that your background needs to be considerably brighter than your subject. It is only then that you will be able to click perfect silhouette pictures.

Your subject must have a distinct outline to look prominent in the photo. Something with a not-so-clear shape won’t give you amazing silhouette pictures. If your subject is not recognizable in reality, it won’t be recognisable in pictures, even when the background is sufficiently bright.

There is another important rule of Silhouette Photography– your subject must stand isolated in the frame. With too many accessorial or peripheral subjects in the frame, your main subject loses focus. And this is certainly not what you want in your photos.

The light in the background should come directly to your camera aperture. If something blocks or hinders it, you won’t get the kind of result you want. Here you will find some Perfect Street Photography Tips For Beginners. The best way to sort out this problem is by shifting the position of your subject. Take it to a new position where it receives unhindered background light.

When there are lots of trees or other elements in the background, your subject loses focus. In such a scenario, the best way to avoid background element interference would be to lie down on the ground on your stomach. If the ground is dirty, you can use a mat. But doing this will give you real amazing pictures.

Consider spot metering whenever possible. This will definitely give you great pictures.

If you want to take amazing inside silhouette photos, then look for open windows and doors. Place your subject directly in front of them and get clicking. Make sure there is no light inside the room. You can also take advantage of a dreary day to get amazing pictures.

An important information that you need to get through your head is that the subjects in silhouette pictures need not be necessarily opaquely dark, although a lot of people feel so. With partially silhouetted subjects, you get a three-dimensional effect, which adds more spark to your photos.

Don’t think, editing is for those who are not good at clicking silhouette photos. With good editing, you can enhance the beauty of your pictures hundredfold. Always play with contrast and saturation to see what makes the picture look stunning.

For great photos, shoot either early in the morning or late in the day. Both these times are perfect for creating natural silhouettes in an external setting.

In a silhouette picture, the background bears as much importance as the subject. And that is why it is always good to first position yourself so as to make sure you have the right portion of the background in your frame. Now, position the subject you want to click a photo of. Also check out the following Autumn Themed Orange Photography Ideas. 

Silhouette Photography

Final words

The above knowledge about Silhouette Photography will definitely hone your photography skills. By following the above tips, you will never have any kind of self-doubt in the area of silhouette photography. Also here are some tips to click perfect photographs on iPhone.

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