45 Amazing Examples Of Graffiti Art By Unknown Artists


Graffiti is undoubtedly the most accessible from of visual art, as colorful murals, stencils and tags are an integral part of the urban landscape. Graffiti is intertwined into human history, dating back to the Roman Empires where they were plastered into onto walls to represent political statements and current events.

Now-a-days outstanding examples of graffiti art by unknown artist have become a rich medium for unrestricted expressions of ideas and statements. Also here are some great mythical angels and demons fan art examples. In fact, many artists use this art to deliver their message and showcase their work.

Amazing Examples Of Graffiti Art By Unknown Artists

How Graffiti Art Developed?

One of the most prevalent art form, graffiti developed in different styles following the initial dominant forms of tagging and throw-ups. The two most basic forms of graffiti – tags and throw-ups which are the writings of the names of the graffiti, are quite popular as highly stylized letters. With continuous efforts of the artists, graffiti developed into more complex representations – figurative and complex compositions are inculcated. The quality of such images and their critical edge raised the importance of graffiti and the art style became much popular from streets to studios and galleries.

Art Enthusiasts! This post is a tribute to graffiti art which comprises beautiful and impressive graffiti street artworks. From the simple, quickly-done tags to the elaborate and often breathtaking full-wall pieces, examples of graffiti are everywhere. Hopefully, each one of you will find some inspiration at least in some of the categories or styles mentioned below.


Simplest of all, a graffiti artist simply tags a wall, meaning they paint or spray paint their initials on. Tags can be seen everywhere and might contain the crew’s name or initials. If a tag is put up over another writer’s tag, it’s extremely disrespectful.


This type of artwork tends to be more representative of actual objects or people, political or social statements. Using stencils is a quick and effective way to put up complicated examples of graffiti art by unknown artist together. Simply by holding the stencil against the wall and spraying, you can achieve a more detailed picture.

Wild Style!

This type of graffiti is difficult to read, yes! It’s like the height of the writer’s craftsmanship. To create wild style graffiti – it’s not only important to choose right colors but also to mix them appropriately.


This style is popular among beginners and done with two or three colors. The examples of graffiti art by unknown artist are spectacular and in this style, image seems to expand and bubble-up beautifully.


Graffiti artists are fan of stickers because they can take their time on the art in private and then quickly place them up wherever they want. Isn’t it, it’s eye-pleasing to see professional-looking printed stickers with a message written on it.

3D – Adding New Dimension to Graffiti!

Outstanding! 3D graffiti creates illusion of the third dimension in the images. Besides the walls, creating 3D graffiti on roads and pavements is also popular. Some of the creative works known for the best use of this style are Julian Beever and Edgar Mueller. Also check out some Examples for most successful 3D Street artwork.


That’s for sure, the diversity of graffiti styles and the examples of graffiti art by unknown artist is not only limited to the above mentioned ones. Check out some marvelous villain redesigns fan art examples. Every graffiti crew practices its own unique techniques. So, if you’ve been hearing a lot about graffiti art, but are not sure which style to opt for, try different styles created by popular artists, without being stick to a certain artistic form. Designs can be of anything from completely abstract to actual visual reproductions of people, places, animals or things. There’s a whole language and complicated hierarchy of graffiti out there that most people simply walk by everyday without noticing.

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