45 Marvellous Canvas Painting Ideas


Painting is a language to express the feeling which is left incomplete when explained with words. Thanks to this art for it is the reason why we were able to trace back out origin and know about our great-grandfather, our history, the existence of a race. They used walls as the canvas to paint and colours from leaves and flower and fruits to be their perfect tint to the paintings.

Innumerable caves and stones found during archaeological studies are witness of how far canvas painting was began by our ancestors inspiring the painter in us! And so, we bring the marvellous Canvas Painting Ideas for people who has that artist to throw colours on the sheet portraying the thoughts running into mind. Here are some artistic miniature painting ideas that are intricate and delicate brushwork examples which lend them a unique identity. Check and get inspired!

Marvellous Canvas Painting Ideas

Let’s chirp:

I’m sure you can see a chirping bird sitting on a branch for hours. How about painting its calmness meanwhile? Not a bad idea though! Make the range of your colour shades so wide that the leaf looks natural and the flowers look fragrant giving an innate appearance to the images you paint on a canvas. Any animal or bird when painted is painted by binding it with colour that looks original taking of their natural habitat. Like you cannot portray a lion sitting on a cat’s couch or a dog sitting on the branch of a tree!

The ballet dancer:

The figure, the positions, the action, the movement, the outfit and the expression of face is what makes portray of a ballet dancer perfect. You give sharpness to the image and your artwork will be hit. Using Dry brush technique is useful since it gives the thickness to colours providing a sort of 3D effect. Marvellous Canvas Painting Ideas like this has to be imparted with spices like passion or mood and has to be thrown into colours with due restraint.

Exotic nature scenery:

What makes a scenic painting worth a nod for your first try is the free hand drawing. You don’t have to worry about shapes since there is not defined shape of any natural wonders. Instead, colours convey a huge meaning about what a painter wants to tell his viewers. Use red or pink or green colour on a tree, it is for expressing spring while the pale yellow or orange-ish hue will flip down the story to autumn. If you are a peaceful person and want to have a peaceful environment at home than you must put some beautiful Buddha paintings, it will help you to Essence Your Environment with Peace.

The EYE:

Not the Eye of Horus but that of girl is also worth painting. The eyeballs with unique texture and tint are great and inspiring for the newbie artists. You may also make the piece of art inimitable by incorporating other features of a face thereby standing it out differently than others. Expression carries marks for it is the only thing that could fetch the real feeling of a painter he used for portraying his emotions. More marvellous Canvas Painting Ideas.

The dark knight rises:

The night that walks with moon and stars allowing the sun to sleep and have rest to ignite the next day is great marvellous Canvas Painting Ideas for art lovers. Also, it is simple and confidence imparting artwork for those with burning passion and newbie. No lightning, no thunder, no scariness implies a peaceful night! Here are some Examples and tips about abstract painting that prove helpful to a professional artist in many ways. Some important points to be kept in mind! 

Walking hand in hand:

And here comes yet another marvellous Canvas Painting Ideas for people who have been feeling inspired from the walking lovers all around. Look at this picture with love rolling all over the picture. The colour scheme of colour blocking which is yet another awesome asset and the colour scheme that makes the reflection look original.

Remember! The decor of your home is an insight of yourself.

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