5 Risks Involved With Permanent Tattoos

Tattoo art is one of the most popular and prevalent forms of body art. Yes, permanent tattoos look good and are in fashion, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any cons. If you’re thinking of getting one, then there are certain risks involved with permanent tattoos which you need to keep in mind as precautionary measures.

Well! The practice of tattooing is centuries old, however these days it seems that the youth are going much crazy about inking themselves. What could be the reason? Also, here we present our step-by-step guide to secret tips before getting a tattoo you won’t regret for the rest of your life!! Movies create a deep impact on the mind of the people because when you see your famous celebrities and sportspersons getting inked at some parts of their body, you want to do the same as it looks like a cool thing to do. Whereas, many serious hazards of tattooing have been observed if practiced under unsanitary conditions.           `

Risks Involved With Permanent Tattoos

Now-a-days, the practice of tattooing is becoming practically main stream and is often used as a form of self-expression. Young teens and college boys are ready to get dangerous compounds and chemicals injected under their skin just for the sake of body art and to show their rich classy status.

The 5 major risks involved are listed below

Infectious Diseases!

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Shocking to hear, but true! The use of injections during the process of tattoo application increases the risk of the risks of transfusion-transmitted diseases such as – hepatitis B and C, syphilis, HIV, Tetanus and AIDS. Tattoo enthusiasts! Therefore, it’s very important for you to get your tattoo inked from a reputed, well-established shop which follows all safety measures strictly to prevent the spread of harmful diseases.

Allergic Reactions!

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Allergy reactions after tattoos are amongst most common risks involved with permanent tattoos which mean there are different types of allergies that can occur even after several years of getting inked. Inflammatory reactions caused by the inks may appear in the form of swellings and red rashes which take approximately 2 to 4 weeks time to get away completely with proper attention and care. Itchiness and red bumps can also occur due to change in weather or body temperature.

MRI Complications!

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Many people reported that they have experienced swelling and burning in tattooed areas during Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) due to tattoos ink. Large designs comprising blank ink seem to be problematic as black ink contains iron oxide that starts heating by MRI scanner. So, it’s recommended to use new inks that are much safer. Everything you need to know before your first tattoo helps you in expressing yourself in front of others (professional tattoo artists) and they’re just fun! Check them!

Removal Problems!

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Removing permanent tats is a painstaking process including various kinds of laser treatment that are quite expensive. Don’t forget that tattoos leave a permanent scar on the area where you will implement laser treatment. Blistering and scabbing are other major risks involved with permanent tattoos that occur if the intensity of the laser treatment is quite high. The treatment also results in skin discoloration in certain pigments requiring more sittings and proper attention.

Keloids and Scars!

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Keloids are a type of scar which occurs due to overgrowth of collagen tissue and mostly formed at the side of a wound. If you’re prone to scars, think twice before getting inked as with the slightest bit of shock in your skin, scars can even worsen your skin. In contrast to scars, keloids do not diminish with time and often get noticed by itching and severe irritation. Here we have mentioned a list of perfect spots to hide small tattoos you may not have thought of!!

Guys! At last we can just add that tattoos have been there for years, but now it seems that people have become more interested in tattoo art. They are even ready to neglect the urge of understanding the risks involved with permanent tattoos and what all adverse affects they mark on their health. This makes tattoos a pretty big business and even a bigger health issue.

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