45 Beautiful Rain Photography Ideas And Tips


Rain is itself a refreshing experience and for any photo buffs, this the time you can make the most of out of it. The one thing who love to go out in the rain would be delighted to see so many things around. The only thing is you need to explore.

The nature is a vast subject itself and the rain is just a part of it. So be prepared next time, keep your cameras handy, and just get going. Also here are some Extraordinary Drone Photography Ideas And Tips that are going to give you different experience.

Beautiful Rain Photography Ideas and Tips

Some subjects which would make fabulous examples of the rain photography:

For the beautiful rain photography ideas and tips you must make sure and follow the line that all photographers follow is it is not always what you see, you should understand what the camera sees. This is one the most valuable tips that you can have while you are going to shoot and this time it is the rain.

Rainfall and the river:

The first thing that can be sheer splendor to look for is a river nearby, if you have one pack yourself in a raincoat and simply go and sit beside the river. It is an amazing and exuberant idea to see the effect of rain falling on the river. It is brilliant to see the ripples and the river water almost kissing the rain and all you have to wait and watch for is the wave of the river touching the big droplets of rain. The moment is even more exotic if you zoom your camera and try to pan it and catch them meet. It is a splendid effect and often relates the day to day activity that we miss out. The meeting of the rain droplets and the wave of the river is almost like touching each other just for a moment and flow away.

Rain droplets on the cable wires:

The second beautiful rain photography ideas and tips would be something which is unusual yet enchanting, in its own way. Once it rains just look up at the cable wires crossing along the road. This can be daunting if you have the guts to stand up on the sun cutter and take a close picture where you can see water droplets all in a line like small ants across and when the wind blows all of them start shedding off and giving a feeling that these are the most obedient ones and was waiting for the wind to blow and they would all fall from the cable wires. This is one of the most beautiful rain photographs which can be splendid if taken properly.

The lonely street at night washed out clean after a rain:

Apart from this have you ever tried to shoot the washed and almost clean road which shines brightly with all the lightings on the road. This is a marvelous picture which can become a composition which can symbolize the loneliness that persists in our heart at one point of time. Check out  The Great Wall of China that is a must-see attraction to all travelers to china as its 2,300 years old, but still intact which could be viewed from beautiful pictures of Great Wall of China!! The street which is practically empty would justify the loneness and the washed away street reflecting the lights could be one which you can call one of the best ever taken picture of yours. One thing should be remembered photography can be made like a composition if we try and include more than one thing to make it livelier and relating an untold story.

Reflection of the street light through the puddle of water:

Try and click the lighting in the sky and for this you need to have a good amount of experience of when to click the shutter in the camera. However black and white photography can do a splendor if they are wisely clicked. So try one when a pot hole in the street is full of rain water and it is still drizzling.

To start with just start helping yourself by learning the fact that there’s a Golden and best hour for moon photography which is completely magical. Here are some Examples. Find out if you can see the reflection of either the street light or building, the reflection of which can be seen clearly in the little pool of water. Do remember the saying that you explore and let the camera do the rest and this can be the beautiful rain photography ideas and tips that you are looking for.

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