10 Tips For Photographing Toddlers


Most photographers invariably face a tough question in their life- the most difficult of all the photo sessions they have, and strange enough, the answer remains the same! Shooting toddlers is no mean feat and you need to be on your toes every moment lest you miss out on a ‘wow’ moment.


You can create your own imaginary small world by small things and than you can photograph small models with a big imagination. So if you are looking for some honest moments, here are few tips for photographing toddlers that will earn you accolades galore:

Tips For Photographing Toddlers

Be prepared from the start


Toddlers take time to come out of their shell. They might be a little cranky, can yell or just go around nagging. But you need to keep them focused, without showing them the preparation needed for it. Remembers that toddler moments are ‘blink and you miss it’, so keep your camera charged, the location free of clutter and the best ways to keep the toddler happy.

Shoot from a distance


The most important thing to remember while shooting toddlers is to let them be. So while they keep playing or just making faces, shoot the scenes from afar. Natural shots come out best when you take the whole subject in focus. But yes, times when you need to come close are those moments when they pose in relaxed ways and you can’t afford to miss them!

Check for minute details


Toddlers bring out the best expressions at random moments. So photographers need to take random shots of their face, mouth, eyes and hands and feet. Grab the camera and zoom on any such moment when the whole view of the body doesn’t make sense as much as the little parts.

Get technical


Technicalities matter! Whether the shot taken is via the smart phone or a DSLR camera, the latter will always fetch you brownie points for the simple reason the technical aspects are looked into. Manual mode is the best way to shoot and shutter speed must be such that blurred images are avoided. Given the fast movements of toddlers, consistent shooting with back button focusing leads to sharp images. Portrait photography requires lot of skills and timing, here are few examples of portrait photography.

Use props and accessories


Whatever holds the toddlers’ attention must be your priority. From bubbles to cakes to toys to accessories, props that are hot favorites for toddlers must be kept at the time of shooting. Ensure that the stuff doesn’t scare the little one, or the purpose will be defeated altogether.

Pay attention to lighting


There’s nothing like natural lighting. A fresh capture is when the toddler plays out in the sun or faces the window indoors. But when natural light is not strong enough, play with the settings of the camera that light is adequate (the camera’s ISO can do the trick). However, steer clear of the camera’s pop-up flash.

Involve them in some activity


Toddlers are moody! So if you wish to be the happy faces that you so badly need for shooting, involve them in some activity they love. Most of them perform and are pleased with it. Some in fact, love to show off a skill and you can capture these moments easily. Check out few tips on essential qualities a professional photographer must have.

Learn to use shortcuts


Sometimes the use of shortcuts becomes essential to help derive at the most beautiful moments. For example, the ‘P’ mode or Program mode works great for photographers to choose ISO flash, balance options, aperture, shutter speed and more.

Keep an assistant handy


Kids are hard to tackle and keeping a helper or assistant to run behind them, entertain them and stop doing something that’s not required proves fruitful. Imagine someone playing peek-a-boo while the little one is in splits! Rattle off with some lovely shots even before they realize.

Be patient but enjoy the moments


Shooting toddlers might be painstaking, but nevertheless enjoyable. Be patient and capture the moments that they will cherish throughout their lives.

Some More Examples of Toddler Photography:



















At the same time, tips for photographing toddlers remain incomplete without the mention of having fun through the process.

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