10 Sewing Projects To Make And Sale


Are you a creative soul? Do you love to sew and the DIY sewing crafts excite you? Fall is here and the sewing projects are promisingly easy. It brings in all your mood to make interesting cozy items like scarves or gloves. Well, you can also try some home décor accents to embrace your home’s beauty. There’s nothing exciting than picking a fanciful fabric and sewing them well into great functional and handmade items for your family.

Inexpensive yet beautiful, the sewing crafts can help you make money in the long run. Are you looking to start up a venture? If yes, then your creativity speaks volumes and can help you earn your bread and butter. You sewing extravaganza can help you make money. Also Take a look on some master bedroom decor ideas that you will definitely find useful. Are you hunting for some quick sewing projects to make and sale? If yes, then we have put together easy sewing projects which can be created in a short span of time:

Sewing Projects To Make And Sale

Carry Your Mobile In Style:

A cool case for mobile is a statement way to carry your trendy mobile. Bring handful of zippers and stitch them together to convert it into a pouch. Bring them in your shop to excite the buyers and make some money. It is an easy to make sewing project to make and sale.

Reversible Place Mats For Home Décor:

A free patterned placemat is a great way to update your dinner table. Cut different pieces of linens and stitch them together to make your own wonderful sets of reversible placemats. It’s an amazing sewing project to make and sale and definitely, it’s a fun way to make your table ready.

Patterned Pillow Covers:

It’s a creative craft affair that has an eye-catching appeal. The fun patterns and cute colors is sure to make you feel touch them. Bring colorful fabric, cut them into pieces and stitch them together to convert them into classy pillow covers.

A Perfect Baby-Shower Gift:

This sewing project works great as a baby-shower gift. Babies look cute in simple bonnets. Learn the ways to recreate this DIY project and make your baby look cute and sweet.

Arrange Your Cards Well:

This DIY wallet is simple to craft. It demands only three stitches and you are good to carry your cards and amount well. It’s sure to impress the onlookers. Also have a look on some bohemian style home decor ideas that seems to be among popular ways to express your inner hippie.

A Sturdy Basket:

How about creating a basket with easy-to-use handles? Well, it’s a fun way to arrange all your items at home together. It’s a sturdy fabric basket that can be created quickly and easily.

A Laidback Holiday Tote:

Planning to go on a vacation to a serene beach or destination? If yes, then a large tote bag is a necessity. Carry everything you want for your whole family. Make the oversized bag out of vinyl or oil-cloth that protects all your contents from water.

A Handy Crayon Roll:

Don’t let your toddlers mess up your home with crayons!! A simple and handy crayon roll is great to arrange them well. Coordinate several fabrics and stitch them together to transform it into a beautiful crayon roll for your kid.

A Sweet Rainbow Quilt:

A sweet little quilt offers an illusion of rainbow as it is designed with a plethora of colors. Make simple patterns and get started with sewing to make a quilt out of it.

A Perfect Laundry Essential:

It is a great laundry essential!! Organize your suitcase and keep all your dirty laundry in this bag in order keep your house clutter-free.

So, get inspired by the aforesaid sewing projects to make and sale and illuminate your home with simple DIY projects. Check out some amazing ways to use pebbles as decorative items.

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