10 Creative Ice Tray Hacks To Try This Summer


Ice cube trays are incredible for trying out new interesting things and considered as arguably the kitchen’s most humble tool. Ice trays are not just meant for freezing ice, agree? They are useful in many ways such as – a cool storage option, perfect for making yummy and easy bite sized barks and you can even create your own dishwasher tablets having fresh lemony smell. Well! There are lots of things that you can do with ice trays and many of such things have nothing to do with food items.

Today, we are taking you to the wonderful world of Ice trays. Friends! The cool and creative ice tray hacks mentioned in this post are worth copying! Check them! Here are the best restaurants in the world which have ranked the list

Creative Ice Tray Hacks To Try This Summer

Smoothie Ice Cubes!

Seems interesting, isn’t it! If you have a bag full of waste spinach or bananas in your refrigerator that started smelling badly, throw them in blender instead of the trash. Grind them until they’re smooth and freeze into cubes. Then, put them into your summer drink for extra nutrient kick.

Ice Cream Cubes!

It’s really simple to try! Scoop your favorite ice cream into an ice cube tray and freeze at high temperature. In hot weather, your kids will love popping these cubes into their glass of milk for an added flavorful taste and delight you!

Layered Cubes!

Have you ever thought that frozen ice cubes would turn as one of the creative ice tray hacks to try this summer? You can throw them in any drink and they will instantly add flavor! So, mix and stir well your favorite juices to get a combination that is just perfect for you. Some of the best DIY baking hacks listed below are intended to make your life easier and yeah, you’ll become a better baker.

Make Yummy Worm Cubes!

If it’s your kid’s party time, you can make them these gummy worm cubes that are perfect for Halloween or any other themed-party! All you have to do is – just freeze fruit punch and add the worms before you freeze.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cubes!

Are you crazy for chocolate covered strawberries, especially in summer months? Deep ice cube trays ensure the right chocolate-to-strawberry ratio. You can also add them to a glass of hot chocolate and serve hot to your beloved on some special occasion.

Coffee Ice Cubes!

Like me, if you also don’t like to drink the bottom of your iced coffee because it tastes like muddy water. So, can you think of any better idea to prevent that awful flavor? Pour coffee into small ice cube trays and freeze them for 2-3 hours. You will get the amazing watery flavor.

Ice Cube Tray Cheesecake Bites!

If you’re craving for cheese cake but don’t want to gain enough weight, this is a superb alternative for you. You can freeze delicious cheesecakes or anything your heart desires. Add chocolate crunches on the top for a cute desert the whole family can enjoy and remember forever. Here are a number of Magnificent Birthday Cake Designs for Kids which would surely bring a smile on their face.

Frozen Smiles!

It’s so simple to try! Just freeze up a batch of frozen smiles into shark fin ice cube tray and drop them into any glass. Please your guests with one of these creative ice tray hacks and stay cool!

Create Homemade Dishwasher Tablets!

A dishwasher enhances the beauty of kitchen and looks absolutely wonderful! But buying it again and again costs a lot, right. So, ladies! Next time don’t throw old ice cube trays into trash and create your own dishwasher tablets that give your utensils a sparkling clean shine.

Make Personalised Seed Bombs!

To instantly spruce up your outdoors, seed bobs are a great choice! If you have certain areas that are dull, add 3-4 seed bombs and after few weeks you’ll see beautiful flowers have grown up covering that boring area. To give proper shape to seed bombs, you can use ice cube trays and add little color.

We hope you loved learning how to freeze all your favorite food items or drinks in cube form. These creative ice tray hacks may help you prevent food waste while saving both money and time.

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