45 Fun and Simple Egg Decoration Ideas For This Easter

Easter is one of the important festivals celebrated by our Christian friends across the world. One of the main attractions of Easter, especially for kids is the easter eggs. The Mesopotamians stained the chicken eggs, red in the memory of the blood of Christ that was shed during crucifixion. With the passing time the chicken eggs are now substituted by eggs made from chocolate or even plastic eggs filled with candies.  So now you take your Easter egg decorating to the next level by adding gems, colorful dip-dyed designs.

Sotake a look at the dissimilar ways that you can make your eggs extra special, here are 8 incredible appealing miniature artwork examples to get inspired. These fun and simple egg decoration ideas for this easter will make the festival more colorful for all the kids out there!

Fun and Simple Egg Decoration Ideas For This Easter

This year, on easter day change your old wallpaper and decorate your laptop with the colorful easter backgrounds.

Wonderful Watercolors

This is not among one of those permanent dyes, but it definitely makes the eggs look pretty. To begin with color the eggs with watercolor of your choice and let them dry. Later you can give detailed on the paint using watercolor pencils.

Fun with Angry Birds

Kids love animated characters more than anything else. So why not depict their favourite characters like the angry birds on the easter eggs using simple colors? This idea will definitely be a hit among the little ones.

Glitters on Eggs

This is another one from the list of fun and simple egg decoration ideas for this easter. You can buy the glued glitter tubes from the nearest shop and decorate the eggs using them.

You can also mix the glitter powder with glue at home instantly and design the eggs.

Add surprise

You can decorate the plastic eggs using your creative mind and fill them with tasty candies or chocolates to add some surprise to the kids. If baking chocolates are one of your hobbies then this easter season you can bake eggs made of chocolate and decorate them.

Excellent Egg Mosaic

This cool and super easy project will leave no stones unturned in making some of the best easter eggs you will come across. All you have to do is crack up your Kool-Aid-Dyed Easter eggs and apply some Mod Podge to create a sticky surface. Lastly, start adding your bright and beautiful mosaic shell pieces on the sticky surface.

Marvelous Marbling on Eggs

To begin with, take cooled hard-boiled eggs and roll them gently across the kitchen counter such that the cracked shell stays on. Leave these eggs for about 5-7 hours for best results.

Stripes Fun

Simply apply strips of electrical tape to your egg and dye them.Later you can reapply the tape in different directions and dye again to get cool stripe patterns.

Eco-friendly Eggs

You can make your own dye using natural products like onion skins, fresh cranberries, purple cabbage, etc.  Then dye the eggs using these dyes to keep your easter eggs Eco friendly. I personally like this fun and simple egg decoration ideas for this easter most. There’re so many amazing craft things you can do with your socks. There are so many interesting sock craft ideas with which you can get inspired from

Toothbrush magic

  1. As the first step, mix your food coloring and vinegar, and color your hard boiled eggs as you normally would.
  2. After the pretty pastel colors are dried, simply flick on some brown craft paint using an old toothbrush.

Theme it up

This easter you can come up with your own theme to make designs on the eggs.You can use themes like superheroes, fairy tales, etc for the design to make the easter more memorable.

Hope these fun and simple egg decoration ideas for this easter will enrich the fun and happiness of the ocassion for all of you out there!

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