Smaller, Delicate, Butterfly, Tattoo
Delicate design for high density and vivid look. Small and delicate designs are elegant

10 Amazing Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Smaller, Delicate, Butterfly, Tattoo
Delicate design for high density and vivid look. Small and delicate designs are elegant

Image Source – Unsplash

Tattoos are personal artistic symbols and you would want to get one that suits your personality the best. And if you plan to tell your story, then this article has several ideas in store for you.

From Ariane Grande to Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, a trending tattoo idea among celebrities and commoners is a butterfly. People choose butterfly tattoos because they aren’t only beautiful creatures. They signify growth, change and transformation. These creatures can convey a deeper meaning since they are symbols of a spiritual change in a person’s life.

If you are looking for a unique tattoo to symbolize your journey, hop on the wagon and let’s check out some butterfly tattoo designs.

1.    Small and Delicate Butterfly

Butterflies are dainty creatures that exude beauty and grace. They are one of the most beautiful and playful insects that roam the earth. If you have decided to get your first tattoo and want it to be a butterfly, then choose a small dainty tattoo. Even celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens chose a small butterfly tattoo on her neck for a first tat. It can be a great conversation starter and also reflect a new change in your life.

You could even go a step further and get these done on your fingers or toes. These dainty butterflies also looking absolutely spectacular when placed behind the ear. Queen Latifah has two big and bright butterflies tattooed behind her left ear. It’s definitely hard to miss!

Here are some absolutely amazing simple butterfly tattoo ideas.

2. The Monarch Butterfly

If you are looking for a timeless and colorful butterfly tattoo, then the Monarch has to be your choice. This popular butterfly will symbolize your daring decision and also remain timeless. The Monarch is the most studied butterfly and its beautiful orange body with black stripes and white dots makes it evergreen.

Monarch, Butterfly, Tattoo, Design
The elegant and classic monarch design butterfly tattoos is always timeless

Image Source- Pexels

Pro-tip- Take it to the next level by getting a Monarch perched on a flower. You could also opt for a 3D Monarch butterfly that gives an impression of it perched on your arm.

3. Colorful/Watercolor Butterfly

These can be realistic when compared to the real butterflies that come in all colors and sizes. A vibrant blue or purple butterfly can be a stunner. The blue butterflies are the second largest species in the world and a tattoo in blue ink stays longer. You could choose a single butterfly or a group of vibrant blue butterflies.

Or you could choose a combination of different colors and get a watercolor tattoo. There are unlimited color combinations that give you greater choice to play around with.

Colorful, Watercolor, Butterfly, Tattoo
Get yourself a colorful tattoo of your dream. The colorful butterfly is a force to be reckoned with (pun intended)

Image Source- Pixabay

The colors you choose need to be contrasting to ensure this unique tattoo stands out. Hence avoid getting these colorful tattoos done in places that are exposed to the sun. Sun exposure can sometimes cause fading of color and make the tattoo look old.

4. Classic Black and White

Black and White is a classic combination and there’s nothing that can beat it. This simple color contrast can create a great impact and look striking at the same time. You could opt for a realistic design or a creative geometric design based on your taste. This combination suits best for a significant tattoo that can be a show stopper.

Since its black and white color, it adds a natural depth to the tattoo. You could even make a unique design out of this instead of sticking to a natural butterfly design.

Add a geometric shape to the wings of the butterfly, which can be enhanced with grey shadings.

Classic, Black, White Butterfly, Design
The classic look is for the bold and confident. The classic butterfly tattoo has been and tried and tested for many years now.

Image Source- Pixabay

Yet keep in mind that the black ink tends to fade easily without proper maintenance. So ensure you moisturize and care well to keep this classic alive for ages.

Like the iconic Harry Styles, you could get this classic tattoo etched across your stomach.

5. Floral Butterfly

A combination of flowers and butterflies conveys the message of codependency. Butterflies co-exist with flowers in the real world, which creates the most soothing and joyful environment. These two unique species, both colorful, depend on each other for existence. They create a balance in nature that results in a beautiful habitat. You could reflect this joyous part of nature with your tattoo.

Floral, Butterfly, Tattoo, Flower
The floral butterfly design is by far the most interesting and vibrant choices for tattoos on the list. A must-try for any new enthusiasts.

Image Source- Unsplash

You could either recreate a photograph of a butterfly on a flower or create your own design by making one wing of the butterfly floral. Inspiration for this tattoo is everywhere, all you need to do is look around. You could even merge your favorite flower and butterfly to create a harmonious tattoo.

‘Senorita’ singer Shawn Mendes sports an absolutely amazing floral butterfly on his left forearm and you could imitate the same.

6. Skull Butterfly

Another symbol of co-existence between the living and the dead is a butterfly skull tattoo.

These tattoos reflect the daring nature of the individual and also the inevitable truth of the mortal world. The combination of the beautiful and delicate butterfly, with the Gothic and deadly skull, is definitely a head-turner.

You could choose between two designs. The skull incorporated in the wings of the butterfly or a half-and-half tattoo.

Skull, Butterfly, Tattoo
The skull butterfly tattoo is the choice of the cult. A choice for the fearless.

Image Source- Unsplash

This is a unique tattoo and one you would want to show off. So ensure you choose your shoulder, wrist or neck for this bold tattoo.

7. Semicolon Butterfly

If you are looking for a tattoo that reminds you of the battles you have overcome, then a semicolon butterfly has to be your choice.

Semicolon being a symbol of solidarity, a semicolon butterfly represents strength and resilience. It’s a symbol for those who have overcome depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and other psychological issues.

It is a tattoo with a message, beyond the ink or the art. An identifier among survivors of mental health issues, it etches into skin the great battles a person has won.

Popularly, a semicolon tattoo is placed on the side of your wrist. You could also get it on your feet or ankle.

8. 3D Butterfly

The most realistic a butterfly tattoo can get is through a 3D butterfly tattoo. The finished look will give an impression of a real butterfly perched on your skin. With the realistic shadows and colors, they are sure to spark your imagination and lead to most interesting conversations.

These 3D tattoos, with the right shading and colors, can pop on your skin and look ever natural. But the delicate designs are very difficult to imitate and could end up looking unnatural. Ensure you do some research and choose a really talented artist.

3D, Butterfly, Tattoo
A unique tattoo style. If you want your tattoos to look alive

Image Source- Unsplash

The best reference for this tattoo would be a photograph of a real butterfly. Choose a photograph in which there is a clear shadow and is high definition. Ensure you refer with the artist before narrowing down on one photograph. Since this is an extremely realistic tattoo, ensure you place it on your wrist, forearm or your shoulder.

9. Butterfly with Symbols

Create your own masterpiece, with stories in the form of images.

In addition to having a butterfly tattoo, getting a discrete symbol etched in the design can enhance the meaning of your tattoo.

The face of a woman can add a feminine touch. A mathematical symbol can make an artistic piece scientific. The wings made up of small human eyes can give a Gothic touch. A date etched into the design can make a memorable tattoo. A tattoo of a butterfly on the nose of your pet can easily be the cutest tattoo ever.

Butterfly, Symbols, Tattoo
Add a symbol to your tattoos. Make them more than just a piece of art, make them a part of your soul. Share your story with the world.

Image Source- Unsplash

Let your imagination fly to the next level and customize your tattoo to make it unique. These tattoos can take you to another world and spark unknown feelings.

10. Caterpillar to Butterfly

If you are looking to get a huge butterfly tattoo, give a thought about getting this one done.

Butterflies are significant for their transformation from not-so-attractive caterpillars to fascinating flying creatures. A tattoo depicting this transformation cycle could reflect the personal growth of the individual.

A large one showing the 4 different stages of the butterfly’s evolution can be done across one’s shoulder. You could also get it done on your thigh with the tattoo going around it.

If not, you could get two contrasting tattoos-one of a caterpillar and the other of a butterfly emerging from the cocoon. This could be placed on your arm, leg or ankle where it’s clearly visible.

Butterfly tattoos are usually stereotyped as feminine. But with changing times, they represent freedom and expression of self.

You could even get different types of butterfly tattoos over the years. For a beginner or a tat enthusiast, butterfly tattoos are great since they can be unique to each person’s story.

You could make these tattoos as personal or universal as you choose. The sky is your limit.

So, go get your wings and fly.

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