Buffalo plaid checkered Christmas ornaments in different color combinations, including blue, black, red, green, brown, and white and different shapes
Buffalo plaid Christmas decorations are fun and can elevate the appearance of your tree.

15 Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree Ideas


15 Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas is around the corner and so you must be planning around decking up the walls and ceilings of your room with beautiful decorations. It is very comforting to decorate your entire house, and much more. The entire world is prepping for shopping new stuff and decorative items.

A buffalo plaid – What is it?

Well most of you might not know about the hot trend in the market, a buffalo plaid idea is the talk of the town and is ruling the decoration ideas for Christmas trees. It is a check design with a classic combination of two colors. The two colors include a red background with black hashes. You need to have a look at these simple yet significant ideas that can help kick-start your festival.

So here are some buffalo plaid Christmas tree ideas :

Buffalo Plaid Ribbon

The most common decor which is used in a Christmas’ tree is a ribbon. Yes, they are prominently used each year as a decorative. The buffalo plaid ribbon can help you to fill in the blank spots in your Christmas tree. Anyways, you have to tie and wrap the Christmas tree with it to get your desired look. They add more details to your Buffalo plaid Christmas trees in addition to that. So, fluffing the tree with it can make a huge difference to the decoration process.

Four checkered buffalo plaid Christmas ribbons in different color combinations
Buffalo plaid ribbons can be a great addition to your Christmas tree.

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Buffalo plaid Christmas ornaments

Rooted in simplicity, an ornament is the basic decorative item in a Christmas tree. A buffalo plaid Christmas tree signifies a warm and cozy look to your home. At the backdrop of the rich green color of the Christmas tree, the buffalo plaid ornaments will signify a new hope and therefore, a new life. In addition to this, an ornamental decoration also reflects light and the end of darkness. That’s a major reason they are hung on a Christmas tree.

A buffalo plaid Christmas tree with ornaments is routed to beautify and enrich the effect of Christmas tree. The red color on an ornament represents welcoming the pure spirit of Christ in the festive season. The bright color of ornamental ball shows the bright side of life just like it’s bright color. It is often believed that the bright color invites the pure spirits to the houses of people.

Buffalo plaid ornament of an angel
Buffalo plaid ornaments symbolize joy and hope for a better future.

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Buffalo plaid Christmas Angel

A buffalo plaid Christmas tree without an angel is incomplete. These angels when added to the decoration of the Christmas tree makes it complete. A doll with wings and a halo is often used in a Christmas tree as an Angel. Angels are placed on top of the Christmas tree. These angels can be made with a modern twist by a fabric of Buffalo plaid. You can easily purchase one or make them via DIY (do it yourself). All you need is a buffalo plaid fabric.

Buffalo plaid Christmas tree Stars

The Buffalo plaid Christmas’ tree is a trend. Like the ornaments, the stars on the Christmas tree shows the light overcome over darkness.

A buffalo plaid Christmas tree with such buffalo plaid themed stars will be a wonderful idea as a decorative. These buffalo plaid stars will denote a heavenly body with a sign of shining hope in humanity. For most people belonging to Christianity, it denotes a sign of “morning and evening star” of the Jesus.

Most importantly, they are believed to bring new hope, a good fortune, and a willingness to rise above oneself. Moreover, they reflect a peaceful light out of them. These buffalo plaid decor can be bought from the nearby market place or via online platforms.

Christmas stars and ribbons.
Buffalo plaid Christmas stars can be added to your tree creatively.

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Buffalo plaid scarfs for snowman

Snowman are used commonly in a Christmas tree. With a scarf and a hat, they are used as hangings on the tree. And a buffalo plaid Christmas tree theme will be a blunt idea if there is no snowman.

Of course, the snowman can be decorated as per the theme. The scarf or the hat can be used accordingly. Snowman signifies winter and leaves a moral to welcome it with a blast. A snowman decorative can be hand-crafted easily at home. It is not important to use the red and black color for the same. A combination of red and green can also make the scarf of the snowman look elegant. All these warm and cozy colors are often said to be auspicious for the occasion.

Buffalo Plaid Garlands

Christmas’ garlands are the most beautiful part of the Christmas tree. Garlands based on the theme can be used with the same combination of red and green, or red and white. The sole purpose of these garlands is to symbolize the eternity of life and its beauty. Like the other decorative materials, it is also hung on the buffalo plaid Christmas tree to add more elegance and charm. These garlands are placed in the Christmas tree.

Breaking the odds, garlands are green but on the basis of the buffalo plaid they can be put with the red color as well.

Buffalo Plaid Wreath

Like the garlands, a Christmas tree wreath is considered to be a symbol of eternal life. They can be placed as a hanging on the Christmas tree. The buffalo plaid Christmas tree can work out if the idea is also brought in the wreath.

For many Christians, it is a mark of faith. They believe that the wreath welcomes the pure spirit of Jesus Christ. Its circular shape resembles the existence of God, with no beginning and no end.

A buffalo plaid Christmas tree wreath can be made by using color combinations of red and black, or red and green. These auspicious colors add more soothing effect to your Christmas tree.

A colorful buffalo plaid Christmas wreath decorated with flowers, cherries, greenery, pine cones, and ribbons.
A buffalo plaid wreath represents immorality and is a great addition to your tree.

Image source

Buffalo Plaid Candles

Candle, a symbol of light. The candles often denote the bright side of the world due to the existence of God. These candles are often placed nearby the Christmas tree for detailing.

They can also be used with the color combinations of the red and green or red and black.

It is also believed worldwide that the fire of candles may brighten up the world. If not candles, then Christmas tree lights are also used to illuminate your Buffalo plaid Christmas tree.

Like the candles, a light based upon buffalo plaid Christmas tree theme can be used for the same purpose. The same color combinations can be used.

A Christmas candle
Candles can help you drive out the darkness this holiday season.

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Buffalo Plaid Stockings

Stockings are quite popular among kids. They believe that Saint Nicholas, that is Santa Claus will leave a small gift in their stockings. If you are looking for a buffalo plaid Christmas tree stocking, then you can find them at online stores or nearby ones. Like the other decorative materials, they can be used with the same color combinations as stated above.

A chair with a buffalo plaid Christmas stocking hanging from it, utensils and Christmas theme shaped cookies, and a stand with a box and Christmas decoration
Hide gifts in cute buffalo plaid Christmas stockings for your loved ones to find.

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Buffalo Plaid Icicles

Icicles often termed as “snowflakes”, represent the onset of a new season. A new season with high Hopes. These are used as a hanging decorative item on the Christmas tree. Specially based on the buffalo plaid Christmas tree theme, the icicles can be prepared with the same auspicious color combinations. Icicles can fill in the bare space in your buffalo plaid Christmas tree. It can add more pleasant details to it.

Buffalo Plaid Figurines

Figurines are another decorative item used in a Christmas tree.

These are usually some pieces of dolls that tells the whole story behind the festival of Christmas. The figurines, like other materials, can be used as per the theme of buffalo plaid Christmas tree. The dolls can have the same color combinations that is suitable for the occasion.

Buffalo Plaid Bells

Christmas’ tree is incomplete without any bell decoration. You can use the same color combination for the buffalo plaid Christmas tree theme.

Bells often symbolize a charm and brilliance with their bright colors. These are also used as hangings on the Christmas tree.

Buffalo Plaid Hangings

You can use hangings with the color combinations of red and black or red and green. These colors on the tree can make it look more gorgeous.

A buffalo plaid Christmas tree can have decorative hangings of small Christmas tree, stars, reindeer and much more.

Gifts beneath Christmas tree

A Christmas tree is always accompanied by a bunch of gifts. The gift wraps are decorative pieces adorning the tree. You can use them as per the theme of buffalo plaid Christmas tree. The same color combinations are mostly what people tend to like.

A gift wrapped in buffalo plaid Christmas wrapper.
Buffalo plaid gift packaging can make the act of opening Christmas gifts so much more fun.

Image source

Buffalo Plaid Tinsels

Tinsels is a thread that includes a bunch of shimmery pieces primarily used as decorative hangings. They showcase shimmering brightness that adds and completes your whole buffalo plaid Christmas tree theme. They can enhance the lighting effect of candles or lights.

They can have red with green color or red with black color combinations. Overall, this makes your festival amazing.

Buffalo Plaid Tag Labels

Tags and tag labels are an exciting part of Christmas tree decoration. It is a wonderful way to spread the message of love in the gifts that you keep near the Christmas tree.

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