5 Clever Tips To Get Full Control On Your Kid

Kids are the most unique gift given to us by the god. Hearing their giggles, their childhood talks and seeing the world through their eyes, we feel ourselves cherished. Every parent desires their child to be well-behaved and well-educated. Nobody likes to be the parent of a naughty, rebellious and out of control child.

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So, if your child has also turned into a mouthy kid who doesn’t listen to you and you are looking for some clever tips to get full control on your kid, then you are at right place. These tips will surely help you to teach some major life lessons to your child. Happiness is the biggest luxury of life for everyone and everyone would definitely want to achieve this, especially when you are going through a sad phase in life. Here are some tips to achieve personal happiness. Let’s have a look –

Clever Tips To Get Full Control On Your Kid

Establish and Define the Rules of Household

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Make certain rules and disciplinary strategies keeping the perspective of each family member in mind.

  • If required, you can also write these rules on a paper and paste it in the home to remind the child whenever needed.
  • Always think that your child is getting proper attention or not.
  • Try to listen what your child is saying without any commitment. Examples of certain rules at home – bedroom needs to be always cleaned, homework needs to be done before playing video game.

Consistent Responding

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It’s very necessary for both the parents to have a clear and effective understanding of their kid’s expectations and what can be the consequences for each action. You should always try to encourage your child in a soft and positive tone. Appreciate their work by showing warmth and enthusiasm. To motivate your child for the completion of daily tasks on a good note, you can prepare a star chart based on all good habits such as – getting up on time, brushing teeth, getting dressed etc.

Practice Good Behavior at Home

Children are usually clever and they always look for a chance where they can easily show their immature behavior. When they are out in public they feel free to get away with bad behavior. At that time, though we want we don’t handle the situations the way we prefer just because we don’t want to be embarrassed in front of other people. So, one of the best clever tips to get full control on your kids is to practice good behavior at home. For example – when you are having dinner with all family members, tell your children to show their good manners at family meals. Here are few tips to handle an injured pet in emergency situations

Use Positive Reinforcement

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Always make sure that you praise your children for the continuous efforts they are putting to achieve their goals.

  • Suppose, you have asked you child to clean up their room by placing things at their proper place and they have fulfilled what you have expected from them, compliment them on this.
  • When they do something wrong, they listen whatever we say to them quietly. Similarly, they need to be praised and appreciated for good work.

Don’t react when you’re Angry

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It’s extremely important to control your anger in front of your children as it creates bad impression on their mind. When you are angry, it’s not the correct time to enforce the rules on your child. Take some time to relax and calm down, so that you can think in a positive way. If you are not satisfied with their decision, try to make them aware them about the consequences of that thing rather than just screaming on them.

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We just hope that the above mentioned clever tips to get full control on your kids will help you to maintain a proper relation with your child and you will keep a good hold of your power.


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