8 Perfect Spots To Hide Small Tattoo


Are you are a tattoo enthusiast, but scared of how your parents would react or may be your profession doesn’t allow you to get one. Then, this article will prove great help to you! We present a list of 8 perfect spots to hide small tattoos meaning places where tattoos don’t get easily noticed.

Tattoo lovers get tattoos for various reasons, isn’t it! Some people fearlessly go for large tattoo designs to show off their personality. But, if you’re among such people who love to get it inked for a particular reason or to dedicate to someone very special, then you’ll definitely be looking for some personal place to keep it hidden from the public eye for a specific time period. Luckily, there are lots of locations where your tattoo can exist peacefully with a relative degree of privacy and may seem to be an element of surprise to the person who finds it.Check out some Geometric tattoo designs and ideas that give a perfect new fresh look to your body and you will be able to think in a positive way. Here we go with the list of best spots to hide tattoos!!

Perfect Spots To Hide Small Tattoo

Inner Bicep!

Yeah…an inner bicep tattoo is quite simple to conceal, unless you’re in a flexing position. To hide inner bicep tattoo try to wear shirts having short sleeves because this area has less bone and it provides a little more cushion for the needle.

Under Boob!

Though it’s a painful place, but under boob tattoos are always out! Daring women are never scared of getting beautiful tattoos on their under boob. Well, Gals! Unless you wear a bikini, you can surely keep this tattoo off from unauthorized eyes.


Being the least sensitive area ‘ankles’ are among one of the perfect spots to hide small tattoos because many high top shoes are available in market to cover them. Ankles are among most feminine places to get a tattoo and you really enjoy an easy time while hiding the tattoo.  Take a look at these amazing mightiest superhero tattoo designs and tell us which one is your favourite!

Under Armpit!

Are you planning to get a smaller tattoo inked? Then, under armpit area serve as a gallery for best results. A tattoo that is placed right under the armpit is easy to hide because your arms are down most of the time. It’s only visible when you want it to be!

Behind the Ear!

One of my personal favorite places to get a tattoo inked is behind the ear! If you have long hair and love to keep them open all time, this is a great place to opt for tattoos such as – stars, butterflies, arrow etc.

Nape of the Neck!

Undoubtedly, the nape of the neck area ranks among one of the perfect spots to hide small tattoos. You just need to loosen your beautiful locks down and no one will ever be able to guess that you’ve a tattoo on your neck. Isn’t this something great!

Inner Lip!

Yes, we agree that though it’s an unlikely tattoo spot, but still proves to be an excellent hiding area. The bottom lip seems to be more popular for getting a tat rather than the upper lip. Well, you can call it as a super cute spot!

Side of the Finger!

You’ll enjoy getting tattoo on the sides of the finger and it’s difficult to guess. Depending on their size, these tattoos are easy to cover with rings. The most preferable choice is unique symbols and numbers.

Also check out some Mysterious mandala tattoo designs that create mysterious imaginations in the mind of the wearer and they start thinking beyond their imagination.

So, Friends! Whenever next time you plan to get a tattoo, look for something you won’t regret after couple of years and get it inked in a tasteful and flattering spot. Moreover, make sure that it can be hidden from the eyes of the people working with you, especially your boss, right? Get inspired from above mentioned list of perfect spots to hide small tattoos you may not have thought of!!


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