60 Simple Tattoos With sophisticated Meaning


Tattoos are not only body art but they also hold a special significance which is at times quite deep and inspiring. Most people might not consider a tattoo as something that important but there are several designs which would enlighten your mind and soul once you realize their true meaning.

These 17 Simple Tattoos With sophisticated Meaning must be known if you are planning to get inked anytime sooner. This would surely help you in choosing or customizing any tattoo design.

Simple Tattoos With sophisticated Meaning


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The ‘Om’ symbol has originated from the ancient Indian culture. This symbol holds a special and auspicious value and that is the reason it is used on all major Hindu festivals in the country. Apart from this, the symbol has a deeper meaning which is hidden in its flowing lines. The lines traveling upward and downward signify the start and end of human life.


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The butterfly might appear as a cute design which every female wants on their body but it holds a whole new meaning to it. As per the Japanese culture, the butterfly is the symbol of someone’s soul. But in the Chinese culture, the presence of two butterflies symbolizes love. The formation of a butterfly from its cocoon stage is also a symbol of change and rebirth. Day by day number of young girls is increasing who are opting for this butterfly tattoo design as the most beautiful kind of body art.

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