45 Buddha Painting Arts to Essence Your Environment with Peace


For centuries, Lord Buddha paintings have been considered as a symbol of bills, prosperity, and wealth. This sentiment is echoed by both Hindus as well the Buddhists have been considering the presence of Lord Buddha in their homes as divine and spiritually enlightening for centuries. It encourages people to strive for the sense of peace and enlightenment, just the way the Lord had done himself. There is also another reason people place the images of Lord Buddha in their homes and offices. Placing Buddha painting arts in the living room of your home or above the reception desk of your office can help bring peace, happiness, and prosperity into your home and business.

According to Feng Shui and Vastu, keeping paintings of Lord Buddha increase the flow of Chi and bring prosperity and great fortune. Placing Buddha painting in the living room of your home or above the reception desk of your office can help bring peace, happiness, and prosperity into your home and business. Buddha Paintings are also a symbol of innocence and bliss. Buddha painting art is also considered as a shield against sorrow and negative energy. So, take a look at these amazing Buddha paintings and incorporate peace in your life. Here are some artistic miniature painting ideas listed, they are intricate and delicate brushwork examples that lend them a unique identity. Check and get inspired!

Buddha Painting Arts to Essence Your Environment with Peace

Reclining Buddha:

It is also known as Nirvana Buddha. This amazing Buddha painting arts represents Buddha lying down and is a major iconographic and statuary pattern of Buddhism. It represents the historical Buddha during his last illness, about to enter the park nirvana. Because the Buddha had gained enlightenment in this lifetime, the Buddha was able to escape the endless cycle of birth-death-rebirth (known as samsara) and was able to enter Nirvana. If you are a complete buddha follower, then here are some Peaceful Buddha quotes on life, peace, and love, which are quite inspirational.

Protection Buddha:

This depiction of a seated Buddha with the right hand raised and facing outwards has two common meanings. The first is that of the Protection Buddha, as the raised right hand symbolically represents a shield. The second meaning, Overcoming Fear, is closely related to the first. The main feature of this pose, aside from the raised right hand, is that The Buddha can be depicted either sitting or standing, and the left hand may either be extended outward or palm up in the lap. This painting signifies courage and offers protection from fear, delusion, and anger.

Sukhothai Buddha:

This is also known as walking Buddha. Signifies grace and internal beauty, and in Thai, we call this “Phra Leela”. Right hand raised, facing outward, left-hand dangles along the left side of the body. Standing with the right foot behind, starting to rise off the ground. This painting is particular to the Sukhothai period in Thailand.  Here are some examples and tips about abstract painting that prove helpful to a professional artist in many ways. Some important points to be kept in mind! It represents a time when the Buddha was returning to earth after delivering a sermon on the Dharma in Heaven and was being accompanied by Lord Indra and Lord Brahma. Keep reading for more Buddha painting arts.

Serenity Buddha:

This awesome Buddha painting art is for people who are either looking for peace and clam in their lives, or for those who wish to improve their meditation skills. People will often buy a serenity Buddha painting if they want to set up a “serenity room” or a corner of their house where they can sit in calm for a little while and unwind. In this pose, the Buddha is depicted with both hands in the lap, face-up, and the legs are crossed, either in a Double Lotus pose or in a Single Lotus pose (where one leg rests on top of the other leg).

Occasionally, an alms bowl is placed in the lap as well. As this painting generally represents focused concentration, the eyes of the Buddha are either depicted as halfway closed or closed nearly all the way. Remember! With our thoughts, we make the world.

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