45 Appealing Miniature Artwork Examples


Miniature means ‘small’! There’s some sort of magical about miniatures, especially when they’re strikingly lifelike. Miniature artists who create these tiny, attractive and cute wonders    look at life from a different perspective than the rest of us, but yeah….their work often requires intense patience, concentration and a fine hand.

The miniatures usually had a paper base, but cardboard are in rare cases seen as silk or cotton cloth. Well! From sculptures too small to be seen with the naked eye to sweaters knitted with needles like the diameter of a human hair, here are 8 incredible appealing miniature artwork examples to get inspired. Also check out some cool Bohemian style home decor ideas. We bet after reading this post you will definitely fall in love with these tiny miniature ARTWORK samples!

Appealing Miniature Artwork Examples

Seashells in the Sand!

Don’t get confused with microscopic plankton and diatoms…this miniature artwork is indeed fully formed seashells on a minuscule scale. You can easily found this artwork in sand samples around the world and remember that the original inhabitants are even smaller than the tiny shells. Experimenting with watercolor texture, recreating the effect at work is the favorite thing they love to do and became part of their life as incredible animated movies fan art ideas.

Tilt-Shift Photography!

Wow! These are some amazingly realistic miniatures, except that they aren’t miniatures at all! Each picture whether of a real life, full-size location or object – it’s been made to look like a miniature with the use of ‘tilt-shift photography’. The procedure requires usage of Photoshop to create a shallow depth of field and high level of color saturation.

Miniature Interiors!

Photographs of Peter Tucker’s are really lovely examples of interior design. They make a fabulous miniature interior with working lights, tiny textiles and appealing small paintings hanging on the walls. Also Take a look on some spectacular bedroom designs and styles.

Insect Powered Aircraft!

They look like ancient stone tablets and designed with the purpose to observe the natural flying power of the common housefly. Yes, it was a successful project as it was a light contrivance made of splinters forming a windmill, with a spindle and pulley attached to live June bugs. And, hence the bug-power engine is prepared to take off.

Miniature Landscapes!

Landscapes are among appealing miniature artwork examples. Creating images of people performing various activities and presenting them in the day-time period is really a tough task, but seems quite possible in a miniature art form. Try to witness strange and frightening moments in the lives of others and make them main subject of your paintings.

Miniature Champagne Cork Chair!

Are you interested in creating a miniature chair using nothing but the foil, cage, label and cork from no more than two champagne bottles? Friends, just try it for once and it will result in an incredible collection of tiny furniture, some mimicking iconic designs while others were entirely original.

Tiny Sculpture!

Can you ever imagine creating such a detailed, finely sculptured art on the head of a pin? The great artist ‘Willard’ works of art is so minuscule that they can’t be seen from the naked eye. He uses a hair plucked from a dead fly to paint his figures and to give a unique touch to them.

Pothole Gardens!

To present a good miniature artwork, your motto should be to highlight tiny details outside in the huge real world. Try to focus on tiny pothole gardens complete with props for tiny, invisible kind of people.

Well! Creating miniature paintings is always interesting and very good choice for indoor and outdoor home decoration. Some of the above mentioned appealing miniature artwork examples even make great holiday gifts and effective in drawing the attention of your guests towards the living area and dining area. Guys! Simply use your imagination at its best and turn these ideas into beautiful and interesting artworks. Yes, you can do it!!

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