5 Braid Styles Every Girl Should Know


To all the fashion-forward girls reading this post, we bet you will enjoy reading it. In this article, we will discuss about some fantastic braid styles every girl should know. Hey…Beauties! Braiding hairs have never been so easy. But, for your comfort, we chose to provide list of some easiest braided hairstyles that can be done quickly and successful in grabbing attention.

Divas! This Christmas and New Year eve braided hairstyles are going to set a trend. Braids always give you pretty cute and elegant look. There are plenty of braid hairstyles you can keep changing on daily basis to achieve a charming look. Isn’t it….a little change is always good! Undoubtedly, you can try these braids for any special occasion such as – wedding night, birthday party, farewell and late night parties. Gals, you either know fashion or you don’t is a big confusing question, isn’t it! Well, you don’t have to blindly follow the latest trends to stay ahead in fashion, simply follow these 7 fashion tips to actually stay ahead. We truly understand that college and school going girls are mostly in hurry, but always want to match their outfit with a good hairstyle. So, get inspired by these awesome ideas and try them on for a flawless look.

Braid Styles Every Girl Should Know

Want to know how? Just check these step by step procedures and completely transform your look!

Flower Braid!

Do you want a nice and neat look? Try this!

  • Gather a small section of hair from both sides of your head and tie them in small pony at the back. Then, braid the pony in downward direction to the ends.
  • For a more voluminous look, tug sections of the braid to loosen later.
  • The exaggerated edges give perfect flower-petal finish.
  • At last, roll the brain into a bun and pin it securely.

Mermaid Tail Braid!

Yeah….College girls love to keep them updated with latest hairstyles and mermaid tail braid proves to be among beautiful braid styles every girl should know for a perfect date night.

  • Start by parting your hair into two equal parts and create two simple braids on each section separately.
  • Then, tie a pony at the end of each braid at one place.
  • Use good quality hairspray for a final touch.

Half Crown Braid!

If you going to attend your friend’s wedding or planning to go for a date night dinner with your beloved, then this half crown braid is perfect for you!

  • It’s simple; you need to create two braids in the front part of your head on both sides.
  • Later, bring them back at the center point and tie them in a fancy hair bow.

Hippie Braid!

Here are most popular hairstyle for teens as per your facial terms and the set of hairstyles also help you to keep your selves along with the on-going trend. Do you want to give fun look to your hair this fall season? Try this hippie braid! It’s among stunning braid styles every girl should know and great for special occasions.

  • Part your hair from middle and let them stay naturally wavy.
  • Take a thin strand of hair from one side of the parting and braid them tightly.
  • Tie them across the other side over your forehead.
  • Leave rest open for an appealing look.

Triple Braid Hairstyle!

College girls, who love to go for hairstyles that involve messy buns….this triple braid hairstyle is the right choice!

Well! At last, the fact can’t be ignored that the versatility and unique appearance of braid styles every girl should know makes them all time favorite hairstyles. But, you must be aware about the best trending hairstyles that meet all your expectations. Don’t feel shy…BRAIDED STYLES ARE EASY TO MAKE AND CARRY!

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