45 Glamorous Fashion Photography Ideas And Tips


Fashion photography isn’t always about clothing; it’s something that brings out your artsy and playful skill. It’s a genre of photography that engages your viewer through your visually interesting images. Fashion photography isn’t an easy job, though there’s a lot of freedom. Your eye for detail and knowledge of the trend will let you come up with impeccable work. Your ability to transmit the images with a beautiful message is what sets you apart from the herd. In a nutshell, it’s a wonderful journey of self-exploration. If you wish to attain perfection, then the following glamorous fashion photography ideas and tips will make you a skillful shutterbug:

Quality clothing, extraordinary makeup, and beautiful models are just the ingredients; your photography is based upon your eye for detail and play of light and form. Fashion photography is all about conveying an essence of authority, so, it is important to make yourself acquainted with various techniques to go with the trend. Also, here is The Complete Guide to Fashion Photography.

Glamorous Fashion Photography Ideas And Tips

Concept Or Theme: To come up with impeccable results, themes,s, or the concept of your photoshoot is truly an important thing to consider. This determines your choices that include the location and makeup. Be open to suggestions and love whatever you have on your table, however, have command over your vision. Always remember to carry a smooth execution of your story to let your audience get grasped by your work.

Location: Regardless of theme, deciding the time, right date, and most importantly, the location is what makes you an aficionado. Do you want to shoot in a studio, outdoors or indoor location is what you prefer the most? Well, location depends upon your theme. Choose a location that fits your theme and this will enable you to come up with a more profound work.

Preparation: Stare at your mood-board. Look around to get inspiration for lighting and poses. Go to the location and imagine how you are going to shoot everything. Ensure that all equipment is ready and charged. If you are shooting outdoors, ensure that you have a Plan B in case, if the weather turns out bad. Also, arrange for extra light sources if there’s no enough lighting. If you are shooting in a studio, make use of a separate light meter, and avoid unwanted shadows. Perfect fashion shooting is all dependent upon stabilize conditions and control lighting. Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful examples of portrait photography.

Be Open To Experiment With Lights: Let your creative soul enliven to bring life into your work. Blend the available light with tungsten or strobe light. Let the shutter remain open for a longer period than required and allow the flare to come in. Playing with lights is the best way to create drama. To start with just start helping yourself by learning the fact that there’s a Golden and best hour for moon photography which is completely magical. Here are some examples.
Change The Angle: Generally, as a rule of thumb, fashion photography is all about being close or low to the ground. This lets you shoot up towards the model and this elongates her. However, rules are meant to be broken. Shoot from a variety of angles and get a different perspective. This makes the shooting interesting.

Involve A Prop: How about involving a prop in your photography!! It’s interesting to look when a model plays with a tube of lipstick or handbag. This is great to add a sense of reality to your shot.
Click Those Candid Shots: Look for the moments when the model is fastening her shoe strap or adjusting her skirt. When the model’s attention is somewhere else, capture the moment. It’s truly unexpected and appears sexy!!

Play With Emotions: Let the girl or guy pretend to laugh wickedly or cry. Let them act!! It’s an interesting fashion photography idea and tip to grab your viewer’s attention and get that yet another pretty picture.
So, learn the aforesaid glamorous fashion photography ideas and tips and let your photography speak volumes of your creativity.

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