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How To Paint With Acrylics: 10 Examples

How To Paint With Acrylics: 10 Examples

Summer is in full swing. Art lovers! Let’s take advantage of it and put a little art in our lives.   To master how to paint with acrylics, all you need to do is to get inspired by experimenting with lush color and bold color mixing – and you’ll be shocked with the result! Well, you

13 Acrylic Painting Techniques All Beginners Should Try

How many of you love painting? I personally love working with acrylics in my artwork, so today I thought of sharing some fun and easy acrylic painting techniques that all beginners should try to create inspiring and interesting backgrounds. Now, you may be thinking of why acrylic paints? It’s simple to understand – acrylic paint

Watercolor Painting Tips for Absolute Beginners with Example [2020 Updated]

This post was most recently updated on April 16th, 2020Watercolor paintings, just like any other painting, are difficult to offer perfection too. First, watercolors can be extremely messy. Secondly, precision is hard to achieve with watercolors. With all such hurdles, painting a beautiful watercolor composition could seem like an uphill task. But if you have

5 Things For Beginner Artists To Remember

Are you a beginning artist? Here are some very important things that aspiring artists should remember before they try and make art as a profession. Just because you have the talent or creativity to mold perception and shape moods using color, sound, and light, doesn’t mean you have everything a good artist requires. In fact,

7 Basic Tips to Give Life to a Painting

Painting is the most adorable form of art. It not only provides peace to your mind rather makes your brain more innovative. Getting ideas to bring something unique down on the canvas enlightens your mind and your inner self as well. It’s true that every time the artist picks up the painting tool, his/her only