7 Basic Tips to Give Life to a Painting


Painting is the most adorable form of art. It not only provides peace to your mind rather makes your brain more innovative. Getting ideas to bring something unique down on the canvas enlightens your mind and your inner self as well. It’s true that every time the artist picks up the painting tool, his/her only aim is to bring out something exciting which will astonish one and many.

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There is really something spectacular about painting that will make your fingers itch and move automatically to capture something with depth and meaning. If you are planning to paint a beautiful landscape, you need to learn some techniques and tips which skilled artists have used in order to create masterpieces. Creating unbelievable landscapes and painted objects is not as simple as it seems and there isn’t any magic trick. It’s all about technique. Refer to these 7 Basic Tips to Give Life to a Paintingand see how your pull spectators into your work.  Here is a list of some great doodle art tutorials. Have a look just before you try making one.

Basic Tips to Give Life to a Painting

Don’t Put Everything:

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You not asked to put everything that you see in the landscape of any object you are seeing. If it exists in real, it just does not mean that you have to paint it. Rather, you are being asked to be selective and include only strong characters in the painting. Just take the reference from what your see in real and paint the elements using your imagination as well.

Use Your Imagination:

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Off course, this is one of the most important basic tips which you need to follow in order to make your painting look lively. Your imagination will allow you to portray the strong elements of the painting in a better and beautiful composition. And most importantly don’t think over before re-arranging painting elements.

Prefer Foreground:

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You are not required to paint the whole with same degree of detail as it appears. Paint less detail in the background and do more in the foreground. The more authority and more preference should be bagged up by the foreground part and not to what’s there at the back. The difference will catch eyes of the viewers.

Changes In Sizes:

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Another important tip out of 7 Basic Tips to Give Life to a Paintingis effectively using the technique of changes in size. In real life as well, you must have noticed various trees and their sizes. But, when the objects get further away or they are moving away, there is definitely change in the size. Make sure you show descending trees in order to provide depth to your painting. Using watercolor to show a close relation between a boy and a girl is among popular adorable watercolor paintings.

Use Of Diagonals:

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It takes years to master the art of using diagonals in a composition. But, once you learn doing it, you sure add more meaning and liveliness to your original composition. Imagine the gently rolling waves angle away, creating a sense of depth and distance as well. You should know some history of painting to enhance your skills, Here are some examples of historical paintings.

Layering And Overlapping:

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If there shading effects or contrasting effects, then this technique becomes effective and noticeable. This helps in differentiating one object or elements from another. This also helps in adding depth to your art work but at the same time helps in making it look real. Your painting gets a life with the help of this contrasting and shading technique.

Know How To Mix colors:


Of all 7 Basic Tips to Give Life to a Painting, this remains most crucial. The variety and intensity of the colors that occur naturally is just awesome. Whenever, you are trying to mix or make a new shade, make sure you are aware of the proportions. You can experiment the same many times, but the right color with right combination is needed for a perfect painting.

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Learn these tips and tricks before your try your hand in painting the next time. You would be surprised to see such lovely compositions and art-works created by you. These tips will not only add bliss to your painting but will motivate you as well to do it again and again.

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