10 Wonderful Facts About Eiffel Tower


125 years ago from today, Eiffel Tower was officially completed in Paris. Standing as a gateway, the tower invites millions of travelers from all across the globe. Built in 1889, it is repainted every seven years to preserve its beauty for yesteryears. Eiffel Tower in Paris is a beloved landmark that is truly worth giving a shot. We cannot imagine Paris without this signature building. Made of puddle iron and supported by exposed latticework, this artistic beauty makes you feel elated. Standing as a luxury label, the design and style let you dig deep into this marvelous beauty in Paris. This monument offers a stage for myriad events such as sparkling light shows of international significance. The unique panoramic view of the tower inspires visitors from far off places.

Wonderful Facts About Eiffel Tower

If you are visiting the structure for the first time, then the wonderful facts about Eiffel Tower will leave you spellbound. Surpassing a great height, this magical building holds special significance. Are you curious to know the surprising facts about this iconic structure? If yes, then scroll down to learn about its fascinating facts:

Wonderful Facts About Eiffel Tower

What’s The Actual Height Of Eiffel Tower:

Upon the completion of Eiffel Tower, it stood at a height of 300 meters high. Successive sets of antennae were added atop the structure during the 20th century for the purpose of radio and TV transmission. The tower reached 317 meters by 1994 and later in 2008, its height increased to 325 meters as a new set of the antenna were added. There were three levels- the 1st level is 57 m high, 2nd level reaches 276 m, and the 3rd level stands at 115 m.

Who Is The Creator Of Eiffel Tower:

We all know the creator of Eiffel tower, it is Gustave Eiffel. Well, in reality, it is not designed by this famous architect. The initial design of the tower was sketched by Maurice Koechlin. Facts reveal that Koechlin worked as a senior engineer for the Eiffel’s architecture firm.

One Person Died In The Construction Of Eiffel Tower:

Our Eiffel tower facts tell us that the constructor of the tower- Gustave Eiffel was very concerned about the safety of the 300 workers. The safety measures included screens and guards. As a result of high security, only one person died in the construction of this major structure.

How Many Visitors The Tower Can Hold At A Time:

The answer to the question is 5000. The first platform that reaches a height of 57 meters can hold 3000 people whereas the second platform can carry a total of 1600 individuals at a time. Its summit can support 400.

How Long It Took To Build This Massive Building:

To bring the dream into reality, it took about two years, two months and five days. The work was started in 1887 and was accomplished in 1889, which is relatively a short period of time.

Who Climbed The Eiffel Tower:

Well, the list is relatively long. However, there were some famous individuals including Chinese leader Hu Jintao, Pope John-Paul II, Charles Aznavour, singers Edith Piaf, and Maurice Chevalier.

How Far Can We See From The Top Of This Major Building:

The view from the top stretches to 70 km, far beyond the outskirts of the country, the countryside beyond its suburbs as well as Charles de Gaulle airport. Furthermore, if you wish to admire Paris, come to the second level from where everything looks closer.

Who Owns The Eiffel Tower At Present:

The Société Nouvelle d’exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (SNTE), a semi- public company owns the Eiffel Tower.

From Where Does The Iron Used In The Construction Of Eiffel Tower Come From:

The iron which made this magical tower came from iron factories of Messieurs Dupont et Fould.

How Many Visitors Have Climbed The Eiffel Tower:

It has been estimated that more than 236 million visitors have climbed the structure since its inauguration.

Eiffel Tower

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The aforesaid facts are just a few from the list. Hope the above-mentioned wonderful facts about Eiffel Tower make you an aficionado to some extent.

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