45 Inspirational Sea Shell Craft DIY Ideas


Do you love to travel near the sea-shores or blessed to reside near the ocean? The best part about spending time near the serene beaches is that it lets you search the sea treasures. A stroll around the wide-stretched sandy beaches can make you collect plentiful seashells. They look marvelous, right! After making a unique collection of seashells, what do you do with them? Well, you simply store them in a box or make an incredible craft with it. Seashell craft DIY ideas is an idyllic way to indulge in fun and adventure that lets you weave a thread of memories for your lifetime.

In case, if are not fortunate to live beside the scintillating beaches, not to worry! Several local craft stores sell seashells for collectors. If you are creative enough, paint them with crayons, markers, as well as paints and bring out your creativity at best. When painted and decorated, seashells can make an interesting decorative piece. Whether bought from a craft store or found at the seashore, All beautiful and all-natural, these stones inspire you to enhance your creativity. When looking for some inspirations, there are myriad ways to use pebbles as decorative items. Seashells add an element of flair to any room. Scroll down to find innovative seashell craft DIY ideas to make an innovative decorative element:

Inspirational Sea Shell Craft DIY Ideas

Make Cute Seashell fishes:

Back from a relaxing holiday? Team up with your kids and make interesting fishes with those seashells. Believe it; your kids will love you as a mom. Frame them in a shadowbox and hang on your children’s wall.

Enliven Room Décor With Detailed Flower Holder:

These beach finds when decorated like a flower holder can accentuate your room’s décor. Take a can and glue a piece of fabric around it. Add the seashells and decorate the can to convert it into a vase. These decorated items done with seashell craft DIY ideas act as a wonderful centerpiece.

Create Memories With Beach Jars:

Bring those beach memories to store in a jar. Collect or buy jars and put the shells inside. Put labels on each to remind yourself about the destination you discovered.

Make Seashell Puppets:

Shells are great fun accessories. Let your children make fun puppets with shells, lolly sticks, and glue. Ask them to lay the shells on the stick in different combinations. It’s a great thing for your children to play with. Here is a list of some great doodle art tutorials. Have a look just before you try making one.

Make A Treasure Box For Accessories:

To store your prized elements, a treasure box decorated with the beach shells works best. Paint the sides with acrylic paint and design the top with the beach finds. This DIY project is fun and it lets you enhance your creativity.

An Adorned Shell-Rimmed Mirror:

Arrange the mirror shells to achieve the desired mirror. Done with utmost creativity, the shells can offer you a stunning mirror for your bedroom.

Create Memories With Seashell Frames:

Creating memories with a frame done with the beach findings is full of fun. Paint that unique collection and glue them on cardboard right at the corners. Paste a photograph right at the center to make it a memorable item for your lifetime.

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