Amazing Single Bud Vase To Mesmerize Everyone


Beautifying homes is a passion that most of us nurture. Objects in your home like furniture, wall decals, vases, portraits and the like are the common ones that add the necessary dose of appeal to an otherwise monotonous ambience. Talking about vases, flower arrangements are rarely given a look if they don’t bloom in a proper way. So every time you visit a close relative and see the same jar containing the same old flowers, you might cringe. The next moment you go to someone else’s house (who is not necessarily an interior designer!) and find a superb flower arrangement, it’s primarily because of the vase.

So here’s a list of amazing single bud vase ideas that can come handy for those who decide to infuse some uniqueness on the home front. All beautiful and all natural, these stones inspire you to enhance your creativity. When looking for some inspirations, there are myriad ways to use pebbles as decorative items. 

Refrigerator magnet

Sounds a little odd but true that petals can be stuck on together to the metal using the refrigerator magnet that doubles as the vase. For a different look, keep a glass tube at the bottom of the cube wherein you have put the flowers. This works wonders for houses who like to keep everything spic and span. Besides, this design adheres to anything in metal.

Geometric vase sets

This design looks great even when the vase is single, especially the metallic ridges that slides down the geometric edges of the vases. It looks flashy, unique and most importantly, your flowers can fit in properly and everyone will take a notice to the showcasing you have done.

Wood carved vase

A combination of boho and chic can be rightly crafted on wood vases. The designs on any such background look so pretty that flowers inside are imparted an equally stunning effect. If you intend to give a vintage makeover to your house, then this is the right kind of single vase design that you should go for.

Oxidized vase

Slender and sleek, this is an artsy work that you would find it hard to ignore. A single flower vase in such a tall and beautiful design is a must for art lovers. These generally look vintage and have a heavy weight given the oxidized make of the object. However, the process of making this vase is a long one; especially for the time that the natural process of oxidization takes place. Home decoration ideas should be simple, beautiful designed, innovative and creative. DIY home decor ideas are at top position among all other methods.

Rimmed pod vase

From a distance, it will resemble a closed bud. Once you come closer, take a look at the container and you will know the amazing work that has been put behind something so simple yet classy. You can think of choosing a monochromatic palette or stick to one or two bright shades, ensuring that the blooms inside are of a different shade from that of the pod vase.

Copper wall vase

This is quite in vogue given the clutter-free look it imparts when setting up. Mostly copper is the chosen metal, but you can always experiment with something else. The only thing you need to do is take a look at the thin structure of the vase and whether it is capable of being fit on the wall or not. Once hung, set your preferred flowers inside it.

Test tube/ ceramic vases on a tray

Quite a new style and going strong, most people even opt for small ceramic vases instead of the glass test tubes. This looks elegant for the way they are set. Don’t think it’s whimsical, because splitting a bundle of buds along the tubes or ceramic based vases can transform the look into a splendid flowerbed.

Bohemian style home decor ideas and fashion tips never go out of style and the best feature of this style is that you can use any art pieces, your own personal works and mix colors as you wish to create a masterpiece! So why wait, when you have a host of amazing single bud vase ideas to change the way your house looks? It’s never too late to begin!

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