10 Important Tips for a Person Who Choose To Become a Concept Artist


So, you’re trying to become the next top shot concept artist? Your aim is to work either in the films, Television or games industry, really? But, are you confused as to how to just step in to the industry? You are unaware on how to begin the journey and where it will lead you, isn’t it? Well, don’t you just worry folks; we understand all your issues!


Whether it’s a just beginning for you or you’re into mid of it, this write-up is going to discuss all the insights of the area on which you need to focus. Here is a list of some great doodle art tutorials. Have a look just before you try making one. The Important tips for a person who choose to become a concept artist are here! Continue reading to find out what you’ve been lacking all these years!

Tips for a Person Who Choose To Become a Concept Artist

It’s all about the fundamentals!


Well, this is the basics of any industry. If you aren’t focused on fundamentals of drawing and painting then it would be difficult to move ahead! Just master the techniques of controlling your hand. How to just draw a line and use them as one of the important tools to create your characters is what that you need to explore.

Originality is the best policy!


Certainly it is! As a character artist or concept artist, it is more of a duty for you to create something unique and original! Off course, we try, fall and learn. But, one should always try to be bold and innovative with their ideas. Do something which you haven’t tried before!

Love your work and not your art-works!


Yeah! You may consider this as strange but well that’s a fact! You should focus on loving what you do and not what you make! If that’s what you’re aware of then even rejections won’t crush and you’ll get up and begin your journey again!

Narrate a story!


It’s true that every character comes with a story! If you want make your characters more interesting and appreciable, it’s important that you acquaint yourself with their story first and then design them.

Know who’s going to judge you!


Off course, it will be the audience who’s going to decide ultimately that whether your character was success or was it a failure. The art director or modeller may just approve and create your character in 3D but the ultimate destiny is in the hands of people who watch it! Whether they’re kids or young adults between their 20s and 30s? Find answers for these questions. Now, here we have mention some step-by-step illustrations just to show you how to draw cute animals in a creative, presentable and effective way.

Be passionate about it!


Burn that flame inside you that you can even make these better tomorrow than today! Don’t be afraid of trying new things. Rather, unleash your passion completely and just enjoy doing it!

Character sketching and designing is different!


If you simply draw, paint or sketch once, then that’s what we would call character sketch! But character designing is different! It’s a complete journey and much more than a single version of character! A concept artist should aspire to be an amazing character designer!

Be cool but stay classy!


If you’re looking to enter into the industry for the first time, it’s important to have the skills, knowledge and the know-how to deal with people. You should be polite and frank! The idea is staying cool but classy at the same time.

Look out for feedbacks and reviews!


Valuable inputs are extremely important for your growth! By seeking out feedbacks for your work, once can expect new points and suggestions coming in which you haven’t thought before! Here are Illustration of Assassin’s Creed movie 2016 that are based on the hugely popular video game franchise which highlights players engaged in rooftop jumping and knife wielding antics throughout historical time periods.

Remember 3Ps: patience, persistence and perseverance!


There are no shortcuts to achieve success! You can’t just a press a single button and become a great concept artist in a day! It requires a lot of strength and patience to achieve your desired positions!












We just now discussed about some of the most important tips for a person who choose to become a concept artist! It isn’t an unrealistic goal, friends! You just have to start-off someday and surely success will follow!

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