45 Powerful and Passionate Dance Demonstrations


Dance is a powerful impulse. Unlike the movements performed in everyday living, dance movements are not directly related to work, travel, or survival. Dance may, of course, be made up of movements associated with these activities, as in the work dances common to many cultures, and it may even accompany such activities.

But even in the most practical dances, movements that make up the dance are not reducible to those of straightforward labour; rather, they involve some extra qualities such as self-expression, aesthetic pleasure, and entertainment. So, to make your moves leave a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind, try these powerful and passionate dance demonstrations. Let the power and passion in you out gracefully. Take a look! Here are few tips for photographing toddlers that will earn you accolades galore

Powerful and Passionate Dance Demonstrations

Praise Dance Steps:

Praise dance in the U.S. frequently employs ballet and interpretive dance with a lot of additional arm movements. Traditionally, the arms are often raised up toward the sky, or in front of the body as if reaching out to God. The arms can also be held out to the sides to symbolize Christ, surrender to God, or openness to healing and restoration.

  1. Stand with your feet approximately shoulder’s width apart.
  2. Step with your left foot, placing it behind the right.
  3. Move your right foot to the right, so that your feet are shoulder’s width apart again.
  4. Step with your left foot, placing it in front of the right.
  5. Move your right foot to the right, so that your feet are back in their original position.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 to keep moving in the same direction.


An arabesque is recognizable as a ballet step. The position can be challenging but you can easily adapt it to the level of your ability, since this dance is about praising God, not demonstrating perfect technique. Here are numerous places to sell your photos online which may prove to be one of the superb ways to earn high income while you’re working on other things.

  1. Step forward on your right foot.
  2. Lift your left leg behind you as high as it can go, raising your arms at the same time so that they are roughly parallel to the floor. Be sure to rotate your leg slightly outward as you raise it. This will reduce the pressure on your back.
  3. Hold the pose for a few seconds. Powerful and passionate dance demonstrations just for you!


A leap can be used to express joy. There are different styles of leaps. A popular one is the Grande jete or split leap.

  1. Take several running steps, enough to give your leap momentum.
  2. Leap into the air using your arms to gain some height, and do a split with one foot in front and the other behind. If you can’t do a full split that’s okay, do the best you can.
  3. Land with slightly bent knees, not straight legs. That will help absorb some of the shock and protect your knees. Keep reading for more powerful and passionate dance demonstrations.


The three-step turn is used in many forms of dance. It is appealing because it is simple to learn and can be executed at different paces to produce different dramatic effects. Here is how to do a clockwise, three-step turn:

  1. Step to the right.
  2. Pivot clockwise on your right foot until you’re facing the opposite direction.
  3. Pivot on your left foot, continuing the clockwise turn, until you end up facing the same direction in which you started. You can continue to do three-point turns while moving across the floor in one direction, or switch feet and pivot counter clockwise to go the other way.

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