45 Fascinating Examples Of Firefly Photography


Guys! Have you ever heard about Firefly Photography? What are the unique features of this type of photography? Well, if you have a creative mind and are among those individuals who are able to learn quickly and work well on their own as well as with a small team, then you’re meant for firefly photography. Now, you must be wondering what exactly firefly photography is all about? Friends! Firefly photography beautifully captures the insect’s effect on their surroundings. It’s the Midland’s leading photographic studio.

Unique features of firefly photography –

Fascinating Examples Of Firefly Photography

Some of the stunning examples provided in this post show the power and mystical quality that fireflies are able to embody in their natural surroundings.

Forest Floor covered with Glowing Spaghetti!

The outstanding pictures show how thousands of the luminous creatures are taking flight in a forested area. Here, a photographer uses the time-lapse technique, leaving camera stationary on a tripod with a shutter remote ensuring that the position of camera is constantly still to capture the amazing shots from the Great Smoky Mountains, National Park. Wow, so beautiful….isn’t it!

Path to the Stars!

If you’re thinking it’s a composite one, then you are on the wrong track…! The red hue visible in the sky near the stars is caused by light pollution in the nearby city but ranked among popular fascinating examples of firefly photography as its effect is long-lasting!

Mystical Lantern!

‘Mystical lantern’, what a unique name? Mystical lantern fireflies are among magical species that glows quite slowly in the swampy forest and you will feel like you’re among fairies. This type of firefly lives most likely in small areas and are endangered due to habitat loss. The shining light of the rising moon makes it look awesome! For many people this post is interesting in knowing about various mysterious bridges photography ideas and tips? What you say guys?

Chinese lantern!

Well! It’s the common name given to the Photuris firefly species. If you’re a photographer you will surely observe unique behavior of the fireflies when taking photograph. For outstanding results, snap this photo when there is complete darkness inside a forest. You will find as the firefly lit up, it would bend its lower abdomen almost 90 percent down.

Firefly and Moon!

It’s among fascinating examples of firefly photography. The illuminated firefly and a moon filtered through tall grasses looks extremely fabulous. Well, are you wondering what the right time to click for a perfect view is? It’s when moon is low on the horizon and climbs deep into a ditch below the road so that you can get lower angle and direct view of the moon through the grass.

Magical Forest!

We bet you will love this single exposure of fireflies dancing in the forest. You may notice that some of the fireflies look fabulous in different colors, especially the orange one. What does this reveal to you? This symbolizes how different species of fireflies survive in their surroundings. Here are some good DSLR to begin your photography with is the cheapest way to get a camera with interchangeable lenses and a view-finder.

Undoubtedly, hiring firefly photography to capture some of the very special moments of your life will definitely going to prove one of the best decisions of your life. It’s clear from above mentioned fascinating examples of firefly photography that how firefly photography manages to capture the luminescent quality of fireflies in their natural surroundings in such an attractive way which makes the photos look as they are digitally rendered. The firefly photographers are so much professional and talented in this field that they will make your photo process easy, full of life, natural and fun to look at!

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