45 Mysterious Bridges Photography Ideas and Tips


Usually we all use a bridge at some point in our life to cross rivers, freeways and to cover long routes. Without bridges our world would have been a different place. But, have you ever stopped and tried to look at the designs of these bridges. Be honest and think! Do you really take the pain to stop a moment and probably look at the design, architectural and mystical looks of some popular bridges? We assure that the bridges photography ideas mentioned in this article will inspire you in every way.

For many people this post is interesting in knowing about various mysterious bridges photography ideas and tips? What you say guys? Some of Beautiful pictures of Great Wall of China are presented here. Take a look at some of the enchanting bridge designs and think which one of these bridges will take you to a magical enchanting world..!

Mysterious Bridges Photography Ideas and Tips

Ancient Arched Bridges!

Old, mossy bridges are the perfect complement to any rural or river scene. These bridges are mankind’s favorite way of traversing landscapes that are usually termed as wild. These old bridges remind you of mysterious fairy-tales, giving you a fragile hope that those mystical worlds might just appear at the other end of the bridge.

Wooden Bridges!


The eye-catchy bridges made by humans were probably spans of cut wooden logs, planks and big stones using a simple support and crossbeam arrangement. You can use trees or bamboo poles to cross small caverns or wells for easy movement from one place to another.

Harvested Fiber Bridges!

Such spectacular bridges were intended to take far less load and the long reeds or other harvested fibers are woven together to form a connective rope capable of binding and holding together the materials. So why not pore through some incredible meteor shower photography ideas. 

Bridges come is all sorts of shapes and sizes and there are some that are extremely photogenic. However, taking great pictures of them is not actually a simpler matter.

Check these mysterious bridges photography tips for great pictures.

Safety at Top Priority!

It’s necessary to take care and to be considerate in your pursuit of bridge images before you reach to the nearest suspension bridge point. It’s correct to park only where you’re allowed, stick to recognized pedestrian areas and do not harm others.

Filter with Graduated Neutral Density!

This equipment is of great use…yeah! It’s mostly dark from the top and clear from the bottom with a graduated transition in between. Keep in mind…what? This filter is only useful in a scene where the bridge isn’t directly over the sky and you will use the dark side of the filter to darken the sky.

Wide Angle Lens!

Don’t you find difficult to capture the entire bridge without standing at a pretty significant distance away from it? Yes..!  Then, the use of wide angle lenses will exaggerate those parts of the bridge in the foreground which makes your subject look longer and more dramatic. Make sure to not include too much water and too much sky in wide angle shots.

Think about Accessories!

Adding right accessories are worth considering as mysterious bridges photography ideas and tips. Such as – adding polarizer particularly on sunny days can enrich blue skies as well as eliminate glare for saturated colors.

Shoot Details!

Shoot details are also important to look at! For good images and better results….nuts and bolts, suspension wires, signs and much more are worth considering. This idea does wonder both for older structures and new bridges. Always look for interesting patterns which can be turned into graphical abstract shots. Here are a number of Wanderlust Landscape Photography Ideas which can be implemented to acquire impressive pictures.

So, remember to take a friend along with you when you’re taking photos in high-traffic areas. There are large numbers of mysterious bridges photography ideas and tips, but while choosing then don’t just think in terms of bridge as a whole, make sure you get close and shoot from all angles. Just be creative and try everything you dream off.

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