45 Conceptual Self Portrait Photography Ideas


Do you feel uninspired? Have no interesting subjects to photograph? Well! You are the best model and can always take a picture of yourself. Self portrait photography ideas are simply an exploration of self. And to improve your photography skills and creativity, self-portraits seem to be an exciting challenge.

Interestingly, conceptual self portrait photography ideas refer to images where concept adds the fourth dimension. It is the job of the viewer to guess the hidden meaning behind the image. Have your latest attempts to take your self-portrait proved boring? Don’t worry. It’s normal. Just keep one thing in mind – Practice makes us perfect! Finding new ideas and themes is the key to mastering self-portraiture. It is rightly said – ‘Inspiration can come at any time and from anything’. If that sounds too brave and audacious for a beginner like you, then here are some Amazing Underwater Photography Ideas and Tips you can try out. 
Below we have narrowed some of the popular self-portrait categories, so you can easily find the one that inspires you most.

Conceptual Self Portrait Photography Ideas

5 Tips For Self – Portrait Photography

  • You need to find the most symmetrical and balanced side of the face and shoot it.
  • Before you start taking photos, you should experiment a little. Try to take photos in different angles. It is desired to place the camera slightly above the head, then you can slightly lower it down. This nuance will make your eyes much larger.
  • To create a perfect conceptual self-portrait photo, it is important not only how you can rightly choose the angle, but also what kind of lighting will surround you. Remember, the photo will look great in natural sunlight.
  • Also, the angle should be changed based on how the light will fall in you because in this type of photography in the center of the composition you will be there.
  • If you need to quickly have a self-portrait, then you can freely do it at home. At home, you can select a separate bright room, choose an appropriate background, arrange a room in the most suitable style for a photo, wear a stunning outfit, decorate and get into the action.

Self Portrait Photography Ideas

Looking Into Mirror!

Mirror shots can be super-creative. You can take this by holding up your camera next to you and trying to look at your own reflection. Some great places where you can take this shot are – big windows in the street, elevators and stairs. What is the best part? You can simulate a double exposure with the right kind of reflective surface.

Taking a Close Up!

One of the most intimating conceptual self portrait photography ideas for a photographer and even for a model! In this pose, your eyes are usually staring at the camera. Dramatic light and the use of prop is a great option to create an interesting narrative. This kind of self-portrait is the essence of self-portrait. Do remember the saying that you explore and let the camera do the rest and this can be the beautiful rain photography ideas and tips that you are looking for.


When you’re happy from within, the best way to show your happiness to others is to break all the boundaries and self-portrait yourself like a free bird. Let others give a deep thought to your image that conceals your body while reflecting the empty area surrounding you. Here is how you can sharpen your photography skills with our list of popular travel photography tips for beginners.

Walking In The Unknown!

When you aim for nothing, it’s better to get yourself portrayed in a sandy area. Your footprints on sand highlight the ups and downs you’ve faced in your life. You passed all difficulties level. Now, it’s time to move on. Also, Check out these simple but unusual self-portrait ideas taken with the help of a flexible tripod and remote control.

We hope these thoughtful and creative conceptual self portrait photography ideas inspired you to communicate your thoughts successfully into practice. One of the main things which a person needs to keep in mind is that ensuring whole picture is made under natural light. Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful examples of portrait photography. Remember, taking self-portraits can be very difficult at times but can be rewarding too. To create exceptional self-portraits – you can work yourself into crazy poses, convey all kinds of emotions, dress up or dress down and do whatever you wish. So, don’t be afraid to experiment on yourself and create something really new.

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