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10 Essential Tips For Women’s Self-Defense


Despite being democratic, modernized and independent, women are still being attacked or abused by male population of our country. We all are aware about the dreadful and violent acts that are committed against women in different parts of the world. We daily see them on the news channels, read it in newspapers and even on internet, but still we take it so easy. Women are not realizing that a need has occurred to make self-defense a greater priority.

According to statistics self-defense is really important for women as they are treated as good candidates to become victims of violent intentions. The most common crime that happens to a woman is rape and it has been proved that it happens after every 2 minutes. At that point of time when a women’s safety is in danger, defending herself by fighting back is the most instant decision she can take. You should wear dark color clothes so as to stay dark at night, black is the recommended color and as we are talking about black color outfits so here are more about the All Black Outfits Ideas for Teens.

Essential Tips For Women’s Self-Defense

There are certain practical ways by which women can defend themselves against people who want to harm them. Let’s have a look over top 10 essential tips for women’s self-defense 

Increase your Vision

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If you are able to widen your scope of vision, it will help you to recognize suspicious people faster. You can do this by observing what’s nearby around you while talking to someone or by simply moving on a road.

Take Training

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To be completely secure from strangers, you can learn martial arts with a black belt for defending purposes.

  • Through various martial arts techniques try to train your body and mind to act bravely and smartly in difficult situations.
  • You can also attend self-defense seminars and even watch videos online.

Be Mentally Prepared

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If you are mentally prepared against any violent attack that may occur to you, you will less likely to become frozen by fear and will be able to defend yourself in a very strategically manner even in harsh situations. So, always force your mind to think about situations like – someone is attempting to rape, rob or kidnap you.

Be Alert

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Always make sure that you are travelling in an occupied public place when you are alone or it’s late in night. Don’t talk on a phone or listen to any sort of music when you are alone as this will limit your ability to hear the sounds around you.

Don’t Lose Confidence

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One of the most essential tips for women’s self-defense is Self-confidence.

Ask for Friend’s Help

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Predators are very cunning and want to avoid any risk of being accused. When we are in need friends are always there to help us. So, when you feel that something might happen wrong to you, don’t take chance. Ask your friend to accompany you.

Stop and Pass

Essential Tips For Women’s Self-Defense

When you are walking on road and feel that someone is following you, the best idea is to stop and let that person go first. Pretend like that you have to go it in a different direction.

Be Smart at Driving

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Attackers always try to target young girls in parking lots or cars as these places are generally less crowded.

  • To avoid these circumstances, try to hold your car keys between your fingers as they can be used as a weapon if needed.
  • Always lock the doors of your car and then start driving.

Be ready to fight

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It has been proved that the women who don’t resist are more likely to be assaulted very easily. If you are threatened by someone, then you have to fight back to save your life. You can use your strongest parts like – legs and elbow to kick that person.

Hide Yourself

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Always pay attention to what’s going around you. If you feel someone is following you or going to hurt you, try to hide yourself in a safer place like – a store, garden or a tree.

These are some of the safe, easy and essential tips for women’s self-defense that every women of this 20th century should follow or keep in mind while travelling.

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