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7 Things To Keep In Mind When Moving From Graphic Design To Web Design

7 Things To Keep In Mind When Moving From Graphic Design To Web Design

Do you want to switch your career from Graphic design to Web design? If yes, then needless to say this shift in your career has made you a bundle of nerves. Perhaps, you’re worried about the technology or the coding part. In my opinion, you shouldn’t fear. You should know your path, feel confident about

10 Unacceptable Effects Of Mobile Games On Human Life

Nowadays, the upbringing of the children is totally different from the way their parents were raised by their parents. Well! The main reason responsible for this difference is the new technological inventions and to some extent modern thinking of people. One such invention is that of Smartphone’s, android and I-phones. These phones with screen of

45 High Motivational Quotes to Start your Day

Ola! Friends! It’s good to see you here again. Did you just get to know that we’ll be discussing about one of the amazing and important aspects in present day world? Not certainly I guess! But, yeah! Since you’re already here so you’ll reap all the benefits. The write-up is about High Motivational Quotes to

Top 10 Benefits Of Playing Games

Well! Parents and teachers always worry about games creating negative effects on young children such as – violent behavior, dumbness, addiction and they will continue to put restrictions like that on a child’s freedom. That’s true that video games are often criticized for the negatives connected with playing them. The major ones include – excessive

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