5 Yoga Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Do you ever wonder whether you’re practicing a yoga pose properly or not? Or while performing various yoga postures where your focus should be energetically? Well! Yoga not only keeps you fit, it’s also of great importance for your mental well being. But, nobody is perfect, especially when it comes to yoga. Guys and Gals! Every practice is unique in its own way and you should never compare yourself to other previous practices of your own. This means, whether you’re a new yoga enthusiast or an old one, there are few yoga mistakes you should avoid making at any cost.

Isn’t it, the most common yoga mistakes we usually make have nothing to do with our physical alignment? It’s all about our attitude towards our teachers, our expectations, and fulfillment of our dreams. Here are few simple physical fitness tips for beginners to improve their overall physical health. Such mistakes do not apply to anyone personally, new or experienced – they impact all of us. The mistakes include –

Yoga Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Joining the wrong Yoga class!

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Likewise poor schools, colleges and hospitals, there are poor yoga classes as well. You will have an unpleasant experience if you choose the wrong class. Many beginners make the mistake of joining cheap schools in their quest of saving money which results in not reaping the full benefits of yoga. It’s suggested to do enough research and choose the reputable yoga classes.

Wearing the wrong clothing!

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Aren’t you shocked to know that large number of people wear wrong outfit to their first yoga class. It’s among quite common yoga mistakes you should avoid making because when you wear wrong outfit you not only look weird, you also tend to fail to practice the moves in the exact way required. To be on the safe side, it’s better to ask your instructor or friend having appropriate knowledge about clothes to be worn at class.

Coming to class with a full stomach!

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Always avoid doing yoga with a full stomach! Following asanas like – Paschimottasana and Halasana increase abdominal pressure and cause acid reflux in certain individuals. So, it’s advisable eating an hour before class. In this way, your blood gets time to head to your stomach, pick up the nutrients and deliver them to your muscles before you start your first pose. You can try eating a handful of nuts along with a piece of toast. Here are some of the easy ways to lose your weight while sleeping.

Skipping cool down!

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Yes, yoga enthusiasts! Your practice isn’t over until your down is done. The final stage focuses on stretching your muscles and relaxing. Cool down is the technique that prevents soreness, lower your high heart rate and blood pressure, so don’t you dare think of doing such yoga mistakes you should avoid making. In this way, you won’t feel lazy when you leave the yoga center. After all, nobody would love to skip out one of these best poses.

Comparing yourself with others!

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Every yoga class has one super-flexi yogi from which you might be jealous. But, don’t forget that each person is unique and has different abilities. Some of you would easily execute the techniques with great ease and in a fun way, while others may face troubles and excessive pain in joints. Remember, yoga is supposed to be enjoyed from within so that the happiness reflects on your face and you look energetic. This reveals you should avoid comparing yourself to others.

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Also here are some10 things you should know to stay healthy easier than taking infinite medications and revolving around doctors. Art last, we hope above mentioned few yoga mistakes you should avoid making are helpful to you in understanding the pitfalls of yoga and guide you on the right track to enjoy the truest benefits of yoga. Avoiding these mistakes will definitely help you sustain your practice for years and years to come. This is what YOGA is all about. Simply – love yourself, love your day and love your life…!!!

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