10 Most Visited Tourist Attraction in the World


The world is a mystery that unfolds itself as we cross different landscapes. The present world contains both natural and man-made marvels which are just amazing. Almost every country in the world has preserved an area that can be called as ‘heaven’ because of its stunning beauty and mesmerizing surrounding.

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There are certain pristine areas in the world which have attracted a lot of tourists to experience the magic which is held in those places. Let us take a look at some of the Most Visited Tourist Attraction in the World and the good news is that it is not that expensive to roam around beautiful globe, if you are sentient of these magical Tips to Travel without losing Your Pocket’s Weight.

Most Visited Tourist Attraction in the World

Manhattan, New York City, USA

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If one wants to experience the amazing skyline with huge buildings and towers all around then Manhattan is the place to be. This is the main attraction of New York City with all the major tourist places situated in and around. Get the exquisite feel of the American food and culture from this place. If you visit Manhattan you would truly fall in love with this place.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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A large number of tourists visit the Victoria Falls to experience the greatness of this natural beauty. This place offers a serene and pleasant ambience which helps you absorb the nature’s true essence. The water falls from such a height which is a unique view to watch.

San Andres Island, Colombia

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This place is heaven for all the beach lovers across the globe. If you are seeking for a holiday getaway with your friends or your loved one then you must surely consider this mesmerizing place. The San Andres Island has been preserved in its magical form which includes the lush green forests, clear blue water and the pleasant weather which makes this place one of the famous tourist spots in the world.

Rome, Italy

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The beautiful city of Rome as was once the land of the Roman Empire which held a strong hold on the whole world. The various architectural marvels are still standing tall in the city which attracts a lot of tourists every year. If you need to experience the creative strength of human kind then Rome would offer you with several live examples which are breathing in the city.

Paris, France

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The city of Paris is regarded as the love destination for all the couples across the globe. The celebrated man-made Eifel Tower is the main tourist attraction of the city. You will be treated with the delicious French cuisine along with other famous landmarks which are the pride of this wonderful place.

Blue Domed Church, Santorini, Greece

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This famous church offers a lovely and serene view. The location of the church is surrounded by crystal clear water along with few island bodies close by. You just cannot miss the beauty of this place. Greece is famous for its dockyards and historical monuments which makes it so special.

The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

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These pyramids are the living example of the human wonders which were created by the people from the past. These pyramids are shining strong in the Egyptian desert which can entice any human. Tourists travel to this place to absorb the charm and uniqueness of these ancient human marvels.

The Great Wall of China, China

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One simply cannot miss this Chinese wonder. The Great Wall of China runs along the Chinese boundary and is counted among the popular wonders of the world. Tourists flood to this place in huge numbers to view this amazing wall which was built by the ancient Chinese people to protect the country from any external invasion.

Big Ben, London, United Kingdom

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The English town of London holds the most wonderful marvel of the country, that is, the Big Ben. The long-structured clock tower has been included in many poems and stories which reflects the importance of this monument. It can be truly called as England’s pride. Tourists visit London a lot and make sure to visit the Big Ben.

Christ the Redeemer, Rio De Janeiro

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This Brazilian landmark is one of the most famous structures in the whole world. To celebrate the existence of Christ this monument has been located in the most vibrant area of Brazil. Rio is famous for its culture and amazing beaches which makes it the happening party place for tourists across the world.

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