10 Photography Assignments To Improve Your Photography


“A picture is worth a thousand words.’’ Yes, the phrase is true as it reminds of the well spent times of the past. The essence of the pictures in your album has a spectacular charm that’s truly second to none. Though photography appears a breeze, it is hard. Photography is not a new thing. It’s a skill that inspires learners of all generations. Taking great photos let you click memories for your lifetime. Photography differs from all other hobbies as it gives wings to your artistic vision. It lets you showcase your creativity and expands your boundaries of career.

Whether you are an amateur who want to brush up your photography skills or a master in the art, it’s always good to try new things. The theory of lights and shadows, technical aspects of a camera as well as the actual composition of a photo, learning the different aspects can add refinement to your skills. Do you want to improve your skills? If that sounds too brave and audacious for a beginner like you, then here are some Amazing Underwater Photography Ideas and Tips you can try out.

Photography Assignments To Improve Your Photography

Then, here are the photography assignments to improve your photography:

Lens Flare

While this photography assignment is often avoided, yet it adds a beautiful touch of flare to the all-embracing composition. By light hitting the lens, it creates a sunburst. Let your subject stand with back facing the sun and shoot directly into the sun. This will enable you to create a beautiful lens flare. Try to shoot in the manual mode as it lets you adjust the exposure.

Light Painting

Essentially, it’s an art that embraces your carefree and artistic skills. By using long exposure and lights, you create a light painting effect. You would require an external light source and dark location to let your subject illuminate. Here are some Cute Newborn Baby Photography Ideas and Tips for you to dope on

Black And White

It’s truly an excellent creative exercise. Black and white is a compositional element that challenges you to view the world differently. Appropriate black and white involve right settings and perfect lighting tocreatea right composition. It gives you a timeless feel and invokes a deep emotional response.

Silhouette Photography

It revolves around lighting, composition, and exposure. In order to create perfect silhouette photography, select a strong subject and let it position with its back facing the setting sun. Thereafter, pay immense attention to settings and play with the shutter speed to come up with excellent results. Do remember the saying that you explore and let the camera do the rest and this can be the beautiful rain photography ideas and tips that you are looking for.

Motion Blur

It’s an ultimate way to give your photography an artistic feel. With the help of fast moving objects, it lets you create visually interesting compositions. Play with your shutter speed, hold the camera still when the subject moves. Make use of long exposure to blur the subject which further results in a wonderful haze of colors. With the subject in focus and a blurred background, you can master this photography assignment to improve your photography.

Great Portraits

Capturing great portraits is not everyone’s cup of tea. Paying close attention to the direction of light allows you to make the subject look best. Practice the art of bouncing the light back onto the face of the subject. This assists you make your subject stand out from the background.

Night Photography

Night photography is a challenge; however, if you conquer the art, you can capture sharp night time photography. This artistic skill offers a whole new realm to your photographic aspect. Make use of slow shutter speed and use a tripod to make your camera still. Here you also check these tips that will surely help you to Improve your Night Photography. 

Flash Photography

Learning how to use your on-camera flash can truly add to your photography. It works best during day time where additional light is a requirement. Diffuse the flash to ensure that the images do not wash out terribly. Flash come up to be handy when additional light source is pivotal.


It’s a great visual element for your photography. Most importantly, the out-of-the-focus of light often results in a blurred, soft foreground. Open the aperture as wide as possible and use a wide lens to draw the subject into focus while making background blur out.

Street Photography

This photography assignment works well to improve your photography. Though it is quite challenging, however, an immense practice can let you capture the strangers on the street beautifully. Take photos of the storefronts, architecture, and everything on the street to make it stand out. Also you can sharpen your photography skills with our list of popular travel photography tips for beginners.

Here are some amazing Full Moon Photography Tips and Ideas that will come handy if you are keen on taking creative moon pictures. So, shutterbugs!! Practice, practice, and practice the aforesaid photography assignments and let your pictures scream loud your creative skills.

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