Roman Numeric Tattoos – Know More About It!


Everyone has some special date, number or time that they usually find meaningful. It can either be your birthday or a birthday of someone you love most, a lucky number or a wedding anniversary. Have you ever thought of getting that dates or number permanently inked on your body in the form of Roman numeric tattoos? If you are just planning to opt for these tattoos we would take an opportunity to tell you that this type of tattoos comes in different styles and patterns and when we talk about designs there is no limit, it’s beyond your expectation.

Roman Numeric Tattoos05

These tattoos look very unique and allow one to stand out of a crowd. Sometimes, a tattoo artist may accompany Roman numeral tattoos with other symbols such as – birds, dragons, floral prints, animals and butterflies to make it look more appealing to others. Here are some Mysterious mandala tattoo designs which create mysterious imaginations in the mind of the wearer and they start thinking beyond their imagination.

Roman Numeric Tattoos

  • Roman numeral tattoos are popular since historical times. This kind of tattooing art started far back in the times of Roman Empire and was famous in the form of punishment.
  • Roman tattoos are not only popular among common people; these designs are gaining much importance among celebrities as well. Big personalities from North and South America are highly influenced by these designs and love to get them inked as something very personal and significant.

Roman Numeric Tattoos14

  • These tattoo designs are created by drawing different roman numerals on a particular area of a body in a different style. You can easily represent your favorite number, date of birth or date of wedding in a unique and attractive way with this type of tattoos.

Why should you get a Roman Numeral Tattoo?

You all know that getting a tattoo inked anywhere on the body is a painful process and requires patience as well as strong commitment. Once you get tattooed, it’s hard to remove it.

So, it becomes extremely important to think twice and consult others before you get them inked as Roman numeric tattoos are not meant for everyone. Do not just get them inked because they are in trend or your friend has got that. It’s the deep thought or some special occasion that is hidden behind them.

Roman Numeric Tattoos09

Here, we present some cute Roman Numeral Tattoos that you may like to be inked on your body as some special numbers are precious and significant to you. These 10 Simple Tattoos With sophisticated Meaning must be known if you are planning to get inked anytime sooner.

Roman Numerals with a Heart

Roman Numeric Tattoos01

The people, who are in commitment and about to tie their knots forever with each other, find this kind of tattoo design quite appealing to them. The tattoo is drawn on chest of both the partners with a little heart in the centre and besides it; the wedding date is also tattooed in Roman numerals.

Anniversary Date Wrist Tattoo

Roman Numeric Tattoos03

It’s one of the most lovable designs among various other Roman Numeric Tattoos. As this tattoo is inked on the wrist, so it acts as a constant reminder about wedding anniversary day. It usually happens with some people who are quite busy with their professional life forget such special days of their life, this tattoo idea will prove beneficial to them.

Roman numeral Clock Tattoo

Roman Numeric Tattoos11

You might have seen many clocks labeled in the form of roman numerals. The people who are crazy for roman clocks love to get them inked on their chest or back as one of the distinct roman numeric tattoos.

Roman Numeric Tattoos06

Roman Numeric Tattoos13

At last, there is no limit as to what number you want to get tattooed as your favorite Roman numeral, but what you can do is just choose a number which is significant to you.


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