7 Top Tattoo Designs With Meaning


In today’s modernized and high-profile world, young people think that meaningful, well-designed and well-selected tattoo design can only make them look absolutely gorgeous, attractive and unique in terms of latest trend and style.  The craze for cute and lovable 7 top tattoo designs with meaning is increasing day-by-day among both male and female population.

Top Tattoo Designs With Meaning (8)

There are thousands of tattoo designs which you can choose and get inked on any part of your body to look trendier and lively. But, at the same time you should not forget that choosing right tattoo design that suits according to your personality and holds a deep symbolic meaning plays a crucial role in your life. Whether, you opt for permanent tattoo design or a temporary design both proves to be inspirational to others in terms of modernity and gaining importance.

Geometric tattoo designs and ideas give a perfect new fresh look to your body and you will be able to think in a positive way. 

Top Tattoo Designs With Meaning

Here are some of the popular tattoo designs that you will going to love throughout your life

Fairy Tattoo Design

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Girls are very much inspired by this fairy tattoo design and it ranks on top among 7 top tattoo designs with meaning. Fairies are known for their mischievous yet playful, happy personas. Usually, people draw their own personal style of fairies and get them inked on their body as permanent tattoo design. The design looks wonderful on neck, upper arms and lower back area.

Lotus Tattoo Design

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The tattoo is simple in looks yet so powerful in its meaning.

  • Lotus is treated as a National flower, though it grows in the mud of a plant. As soon as it touches the surface of the pond, it starts blossoming and turns into beautiful flower.
  • Similarly, we all are looking for some sort of awakening in our life to move ahead without any fear. The tattoo of lotus represents purity of the body, mind and spirit.

Flowers Mandala Tattoo Design

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Flower tattoo design symbolizes the creation of a new idea. These Mandala tattoo designs are inspirational in look as they reveal out that just as flower blossoms, so shall your life will blossom. The tattoo looks graceful on upper part of your arm.

Heart Tattoo Design

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Nothing can be more romantic for a woman, than the heart design.

Wings Tattoo Design

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Wings design stands for freedom. They remind that no one can be restricted in this open-minded world and is free to go wherever you wish. The wings design comes in all shapes and sizes. Some people prefer to have them as tiny wings on their neck while, some prefer to get them inked as large pair of wings on their back.

Tribal Tattoo Design

Top Tattoo Designs With Meaning

These tattoo designs hold deep symbolic meaning and are mainly used to represent eternity.

  • Different tribal tattoo designs symbolize different meaning like – love, family, friendship, happiness and peace.
  • Their unique and intricate beauty style work both for men and women and are commonly engraved as arm and wrist band pieces.

Peacock Feather Tattoo Design

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Peacock feather tattoo design symbolizes good luck, love, fortune and inner beauty. Girls always love to have colors in their life so; you can easily get this peacock feather design inked on your thigh and look absolutely amazing. Butterfly tattoos are treated as most expressive form of tattoo design among wide range of women tattoo designs.

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It’s proved from above points that 7 top tattoo designs with meaning looks superb in all aspect and are highly appreciated by fashionable people.

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